A JOURNEY HOME (Shambhala Music Festival 2014 Official Afterstory)

The wait is over! The premiere of Shambhala Music Festival’s 2014 Offical Afterstory: A Journey Home is live!

Stunning shots of the scenic Salmo River Rancho, the festival’s home, mixed with with the otherworldly beauty of Shambhala’s people, stages and performances gives this film a rousing look into what many attendees consider one of their favorite festivals.

Don’t forget, tickets for 2015 go on sale November 1st. For now, be transported back to the Farm (or visit for the first time) and relive the magic.

2 Comments on A JOURNEY HOME (Shambhala Music Festival 2014 Official Afterstory)

  1. This video – like so many other videos of rave culture, make the culture look incredible noninclusive of anyone who isn’t thin and/or heterosexual. It’s a shame, I love the idea of Shambz and had a glorious time, but I definitely felt like it was a culture that didn’t want people who didn’t fit an ideal and this video pushes that feeling home.

  2. Brings me back to when it was the one love festival. Back when you knew everyone there!!

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