If nothing else, the character of a musician could be determined by whether or not he stands at his own merch table.

There’s just something to be said about seeing an artist break out almost instantaneously from the wildly over-rated post-show green room hibernation, and diving face-first into the pool of fans that spent the night fearlessly fueling their musical performance.

David Vertesi, known bassist for Canadian alt-pop group, Hey Ocean!, so humbly did just this after making his way back to Vancouver from a series of Western Canadian tour dates- ending last Wednesday at The Anza Club- in effort to promote his forthcoming solo album.

What really stood out to me the most about Vertesi, was his simply genuine, heart-on-his-sleeve, modest demeanor. Self proclaimed as ‘Sad Dad Cruise Ship Music’, Vertesi, with his Hawaiian floral print t-shirt, and sparkly teal guitar, certainly did not disappoint as he transported us to the upper echelon of pina-colada sipping, beachside, surf pop-rock ecstasy; yet simultaneously straight home to a cozy, rainy Sunday morning beneath the sheets.

If it wasn’t the punchy, love-driven anthems, or the endearing, bitter-sweet songs of heartbreak that got the audience quickly onto their feet, thoughtfully alternating between a smooth sway, and an effortless caper, I could certainly assume it had something to do with the unexpected Spice Girls cover, ‘Say You’ll Be There’; a clear favorite of the night.


Check out my Q & A with David below to gain some further insight into the world of this compelling, well dressed, multi-faceted, musical wonder- as he speaks on the importance of preserving the simple moments, staying true to your sound, and the inspirations of songwriting.

Tell us about your new single, ‘Loud Talker.

It’s a song that asserts the importance of the simple moments.  As the world becomes more and more connected it can be hard to find space in between and it can be hard to stay in the present.  I’m most in touch with myself at those times and so I try hard to preserve and protect them.

You’re currently touring in support of your forthcoming solo album, releasing in 2015; what can fans expect to hear in contrast to your previous 2010 release, Cardiography?

I’m still in the process of recording the album so I guess we’ll see. This one isn’t as streamlined going in to the recording process, so I’m hoping to build on the energy of the studio sessions.

Tell us about your song writing process; when and where are you inspired to write, and how does the evolution happen?

Inspiration definitely comes and goes. Cardiography was mostly written around heartbreak and depression, which is a very powerful muse. At this point I’m trying to create more space to write outside of the throws of sadness or regret; largely by building around lyrical or musical themes that I find interesting.

When you’re not on tour, or playing shows locally, what compels you?

Hmm, let’s see. I’m a fan of food, modern art and design, Netflix, Zelda, street murals, walking…and obviously other music!


It’s no secret that you’re a multi-faceted artist; do you have any other hidden talents?

Yo-Yo. I’m not a pro, but I’m pretty good.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Vancouver?

The Pacific Ocean.

How do you juggle your promising solo career with your dedication as the bassist for popular Canadian alt-pop group, ‘Hey Ocean!’?

Hey Ocean! is currently taking it easy, so no need to juggle; just time to get to work on my own stuff while I can.

Before we let you go, what advice would you give for aspiring singer/songwriters in the Vancouver area?

It’s cheesy, but stay true to yourself and your vision. Make sure you’re creating what you want to create. Happiness is the only true marker of success.

WORDS & PHOTOS: Samantha Rozon

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