Welcome to Betty & Kora!


Who are Betty & Kora?

Betty & Kora are two writers and music industry professionals hailing from Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  Deeply passionate about music, arts and festival culture, the duo began their blog in April 2013, two weeks after returning from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

What is Betty & Kora dot com all about?

The blog incorporates three separate, but mutually INCLUSIVE areas of focus:

1. Music festival culture and lifestyle. B&K explore the history, uniqueness and culture of music festivals throughout North America.

2. Emerging music and music trends from North America.

3. Utilizing the blog as a sharing platform. B&K encourage and welcome music submissions, stories, videos and photography from fellow festival and music lovers!

This site is dedicated to sharing experiences, stories, music, photography and media from festivals, concerts, good times and everything in between.


Why start a blog?

B&K’s day to day lives are surrounded by music.  Working in music and music festival production and promotion inspired B&K to share the sounds and stories that surround them. The sharing of music and festival media is an important part of their lives and B&K want to share it with YOU!

Where is the blog based?

Betty & Kora reside in Vancouver B.C., Canada, a city rich in music, arts and festival culture.  The duo travel to festivals North America wide, working as designated media and press for their site http://www.bettyandkora.com.

How is this dream possible!?

Betty & Kora are creative writers by nature.  Both ladies write articles centered on music festivals and emerging music trends.  They also receive support from an ever-growing team of professional writers, photographers and videographers, creating a variety of media forms for http://www.bettyandkora.com.

Feel free to contact us!

Betty: betty@bettyandkora.com

Kora (aka Richelle ‘Roco’ Newson): kora@bettyandkora.com

Lauren Young (content manager): lauren@bettyandkora.com

Any submissions or requests for content: lauren@bettyandkora.com

Share your stories with us! Did we party together at a festival? Did you receive a license for being cool? Did we make you a cocktail and do a double high-kick?! Tell us all about it via info@bettyandkora.com

5 Comments on About

  1. Enjoyable festival

  2. FestivalToothFairy // March 18, 2014 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    I’ll always remember my time in the Jaguar Lounge – Shambhala 2013. Juuuuust Crushin’ Chips ‘n Shit.

  3. Hey Betty and Kora,
    My buddy Dylan says you guys are pretty rad and going to be killing it at festivals all summer. I have a similar plan. Maybe Ill see you out there.

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