Shambhala 20th Anniversary – Speakers Corner Edition | Betty and Kora

Photo: Dank Films Photo: Dank Films

We’re resurrecting speakers corner from the 90’s bitches! And what better place to do it than the 20th year of Shambhala Music Festival.

How does Shambhala make YOU feel? If you could describe Shambhala in one word what would it be? Nirvana? Harmonic Chaos? Shambhala-love-a-licious-fam-funk-dopeness? We found these profoundly deep questions out for ourselves and are VERY F-ING EXCITED to share them with you.  Check out our video below, feel the feels, re-live the magic, and uncover a little more of what makes this festival so damn special.

Shot & Edited by: Johnny “Civillian” Erwin

Produced by: Betty and Kora & The Babe Brigade

Additional Footage: Rebel Cause Films

Arial Footage: Dank Films

Music: Solar Therapy – Moontricks

& Flanjitsu – Opiuo

Love always, Betty and Kora & Babe Brigade ❤

PS if you love this video as much as we do please share with your friends!

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