Fake it ’till you make it: How to wake up fresh faced at a festival


Daily showers are often an anomaly at music festivals. After waking up in a pool of sweat, it’s hard to feel clean and fresh before you hit the dancefloor. After 15 years of going to multi-day music festivals, I think I’ve finally figured out how to look and feel your best without actually having bathed in a few days. Here are my tips on how to wake up fresh-faced:

Get a solid sleep: Let’s face it, getting enough shut-eye is usually an impossibility. Instead of trying to get a full 8-hour sleep at night, I have always found that naps are my best friend. I usually like to take a nap when the sun is beginning to set, sometime between 5-10pm (be sure to check the schedule though so you don’t miss out on any favorite acts). I have found this is the time where people usually return to their campsite for dinner and to re-group/costume change for the evening’s events anyway so you don’t miss out on as much. Then, try to be in bed no later than 6am if you can help it. Also, make sure you bring an eye mask and earplugs in order to get the best chance of shut-eye possible.


Make Up Wipes: These are a must if you love glitter, make-up, stick-on-tattoos, body paint, fake lashes etc. Before you go to bed, try to get off as much as you can. Your delicately painted face from the evening before is more likely to make you look like a drowned Harley Quinn than an alluring forest pixie.

Wash Cloth and Soap: In a ziplock bag put both your soap and washcloth together. Either boil some water each morning or leave a water bottle out in the sun to heat up and pour over the washcloth. Use the washcloth to wipe your face clean. Nothing makes you feel more lively than a face wash with warm water and soap!


Baby Wipes: I’m sure this trick isn’t new to anyone but I have to mention it. Use baby wipes to clean your feet before bed and/or before putting on socks for the evening. In the morning, use them to clean all your other important parts. You can also elect to bring a second washcloth and use your soap and warm water to rinse off any baby-wipe residue for a quick sponge bath. I love the feeling of washing my hands with real soap and water a few times a day at parties.

Toothbrush, gum and lip gloss: Fresh breath is a necessity. Make sure to brush your teeth before bed and in the morning before spending the day close talking with friends new and old. Have gum on hand throughout the day too, and bring some to share. I have also found that having mint flavored lip-gloss can go a long way. Kissable lips are where it’s at and dehydration can lead to dried lips and bad breath so don’t be caught without it.

Fresh Socks: There is nothing like putting on a pair of fresh socks! Keep an extra pair handy in your backpack, believe me, you never know when you or someone else might need them. I love to buy a fresh pack of socks for festivals to help with aching feet. Just remember to wash your feet before putting them on or you’ll miss out on that oh-so-clean feeling.


Deodorant and/or Peppermint Spray: If you’re deodorant dependant bring two! One for your tent and one for your day bag. Or, bring a water bottle with diluted peppermint spray to freshen yourself and others up throughout the festival. It’s like a mini shower in a bottle!

Rosewater Spray: You can purchase this at any health food store and/or make your own. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help with redness or skin irritations and helps to cleanse the skin by removing oil and dirt. The fact that it is a spray also helps to cool skin in the hot sun.

Wear White: Although it may not stay white for long, I love wearing white on Sundays. People immediately seem to think I’ve had a shower and look clean! Try it out but you may have to be ready for a quick costume change once the dust starts to settle or choose to embrace the new beige tone.

What tips do you have for keeping it fresh at festivals? Comment below, hit me up on facebook or twitter and share your knowledge! See you on the dancefloor luvs!


Twitter/Instagram: @Kalisiluv

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