The 5-7-5: Haikulandia at Rifflandia

Haiku’s are an art form, and one that we take very seriously at Betty and Kora. This year at Rifflandia Festival, the team asked an array of artists, producers, media and audience members what Rifflandia meant to them…in haiku form.

This is what happened.

Haikulandia Part 1

Neil Cook Dalin, Rifflandia Artist who performed 2 x as ‘Burning Rainbows’ and ‘Astro Colour’


Neil and I sat on his houseboat one afternoon drinking gin and tonics, petting his cat named ‘Moz’ and basking in the sun. This is Neil’s haiku:

Fall is here again
Reflect on life and make change
No beer thanks, red wine

Chris Sawden, Rifflandia Crew Member


In between riding on a golf cart and building stuff, Chris took a moment to recite poetry while frolicking in the grass. This is Chris’s haiku:

Rifflandia is
The most incredible place
I love it so much

Vincent Forest, Rifflandia candy vendor aka Candy A$$


After chasing after Vincent and his candy cart, trying to negotiate free candy and stickers, I eventually settled on a purchase in exchange for a poem. This is Vincent’s haiku:

Rifflandia is
The very best because
We slang candy cups

Justin Doyle, Pizza Enthusiast and Artist, otherwise known as Mt Doyle


After debating the true meaning of pizza, Justin left this final thought. This is Justin’s haiku:

Riff is fantastic
Almost as much as pizza
Pizza is better

There you have it folks! This concludes the end of the first part of of Haikulandia. Stay tuned for many more exciting 5-7-5’s.

❤ Betty


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