The 5-7-5 Haikulandia | Part 2

Hello. Welcome to the second edition of Haikulandia – a series of poems constructed by people we met at Rifflandia Music Fest.

Dan Howse – Illvis Freshly and New Groovement


I ran into Dan, who had pretty much no voice, but was still happy to recite poetry. Quietly. This is Dan’s haiku:

Rifflandia rocks
It brings people together
And music is cool

Justine Soleil – Cool kid


Justine strolled onto the scene in a denim onesie, and made me feel under-dressed. This is Justine’s haiku:

Haikus are sexy
But sometimes they don’t make sense.


Phil Lyons – Illvis Freshly


I ran into Phil at Lucky Bar during The Gaff’s set. I could hardly hear him, I think this is what he said. This is Phil’s haiku:

Betty and Kora
Double high kicks I do
License to be cool.

Jesus Estevez – Illvis Freshly


Jesus telepathically transmitted his poem to me one night. This is Jesus’s haiku:

My name is Jesus
More outgoing then pay phone calls
Attitude like B+

Stay tuned for more from Haikulandia….and the 5-7-5.


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