Why YachtLife Should Be Your Life: Life Before Work

WORDS: Kalisi Luv ❤


I was recently offered the chance of a lifetime: to set sail with Life Before Work across Croatia for eight days and seven nights of pure adventure. The experience left me speechless but luckily for you, I’ve been able to condense my thoughts into 10 major reasons why you, too, should embark on a transformative journey with LBW YachtLife. Every summer during July and August LBW launches yacht cruises in two major locations: Croatia and the Mediterranean. These tours can be extended with add-ons such as Pamukkale in the Mediterranean and Krka Waterfalls in Croatia and the Ultra Europe Music Festival 3 day add-on. Each trip is packed with activities that are sure to make it an unforgettable voyage.


Here are 10 reasons why YachtLife should be your life:


  • You get to live on a boat: How many times in your life do you get to live in a stateroom, on a yacht? Not to mention that you get to stay in the same bed for 7 nights and don’t have to pack and move your things constantly while seeing some of the most amazing spots each destination has to offer. An example of life on a boat: Get up, jump from the boat into the ocean to kill off any chance of a hangover, eat breakfast with your new mates, float until lunch, then head out to explore until after dinner when you return to your own private party hosted by your own private yacht DJ until it’s time to hit the clubs on land.
  • You don’t have to make your own food: Need I say more? There is no need to grocery shop, decide what’s on sale, and put together a meal. All cruises include breakfast and lunch while the Mediterranean trip also supplies you with dinner. And after having taken the Croatia voyage I can tell you that the meals are delicious and authentic! Some of the fantastic restaurants we hit up were Fefes in Split and Big Mommas in Makarska, not to mention the food on the boat. Vegetarian options, seafood, sausage, red meat, vegetables, mashed potatoes, divine! Some of the best food I had on the entire trip was definitely on the boat, dessert included! Yummy.
  • You meet life long friends: This is a guarantee. Your new shipmates will become your closest pals. You’ll get to know each other over breakfast, cheer each other on as you dive off the boat, share your excitement for the day’s events over lunch, revel in new experiences, bond over drinks at the club, dance together all night, and reminisce as the sun rises over the yacht while the DJ plays you your favourite tunes.


  • You get a chance to see a multitude of cities in only 8 days: This is probably one of the best reasons to hit up YachtLife if you are on a budget and only have a short amount of vacation time. Transportation can be costly and you often lose up to two days of exploration time just trying to get to and from one destination. However, YachtLife makes the travel time part of the fun and you can check out a new city every single day!
  • You don’t have to be an adult: Adulting is hard, so why not give it up for a week? The guides are there to take care of you. If you want, they will tell you when to eat, what places to explore, and where to party. No tough decisions. Or, if you like a bit of freedom you can wander off and enjoy the city at your own pace as long as you are back on the boat by the time it leaves!
  • You get to try new things: YachtLife gives you a chance to do the things you’ve never done before. I watched as my roommate mastered a beautiful swan dive over the ocean when she went bungee jumping, while I hopped on a Jet Ski and rode the waves at unmeasurable speeds. YachtLife gives you the support and courage you need to do things you’ve never done before.


  • You get the best profile pics: Talk about picturesque! The places you’ll go are like watercolour paintings you could only dream of. Just make sure not to spend the entire time trying to strike that perfect pose and miss out on the actual experience! Remember to take a moment at each special spot and indulge in its wonder.
  • You get to explore: New cultures, ways of life, architecture, food, drink, and dance–there are so many new experiences to be had when traveling daily from one place to another! Plus, there are mini excursions you can enjoy such as a hike to a secluded beach or into an ancient fort like Fort George in Vis.
  • You get to dance all day every day: Every day and night is a dance party. If you’re not dancing on the boat with all your new besties you are club-hopping on shore at some of the best nightclubs, such as Pink Champagne in Hvar. Having a private DJ takes the cake though, he will play all your favourite tracks and by the end of the trip you’ll have ‘your song’ that will remind you of all the amazing adventures you had with the crew.
  • You deserve it: Don’t we work hard enough? Whether it’s at work or at school, aren’t we tired of working so hard so that we can work some more? Don’t you deserve a break? Some ‘you’ time? #YouDoYou



If these are reasons enough for you to join in the fun next year, sign up now to reserve a spot on one of Life Before Work’s yachts. And, if you use code KalisiLuv you’ll get $50 CAN dollars off tours less than 3 weeks and $100 CAN Dollars off tours 3 weeks or longer. Want to know more or hear about my experience? Hit me up via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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