FEST FRIDAY: Sick Tights Bro! Your Guide To Snug Leg Wear This Festival Season

Sometimes pants without stars, cats or flowers on them just don’t cut it in festival land. One trend I’ve noticed over the past couple years that’s really picking up are leggings: wonderous leggings of all colours, shapes and patterns! Mobility and comfort are key at festivals, and leggings really fill that gap (often too deeply). Thanks to new printing techniques they come in a huge selection of patterns and look hot on pretty much everybody! They show off all the right places, layer well, and are comfortable for those long, sweaty nights of high kicks and dancefloor shenanegans!

photo 1 pokosha_founders1

Founders of Pokosha. Photo Credit Pokosha

People are getting more comfortable with their bodies and fashion is getting less and less gender specific. Underwear, outerwear, women’s, men’s, who cares really- everyone looks great in tights! Guys included. Bowie and Jagger can’t be wrong, men in tights are sexy as f***! Check out this dude rocking the leopard print leggings and pajmina, perfectly colour matched. Sick tights bro!


The guys in tights phenomena is all part of a bigger trend of throwing gender norms out the window at festivals, and wearing whatever makes YOU feel amazing and outside of your every day reality.

I think this stems from a particular situation a lot of guys find them self in at festivals. You came with a bunch of females, who brought something mind blowing to wear for every night of the event, and you start to feel left out. You brought some hoodie with a flourescent zebra on it, a few graphic tees, and some wacky crazy light up sunglasses. Everyone around is dressed like they’re going to an anime space carnival on Tatooine, and you are looking like Mr. Average from Normalsville in comparison! (I definitely felt like this the first time I went to a festival, not just a rave in some rural community hall).

The weekend progresses and you ask, “How about that Little Orphan Annie costume that Ashley wore last night!?” A few hours later, you get some pretty interesting cross dressing, hybrid costume combos, that are off the scale in terms of novelty and wickedness.

photo 3

I’ll never forget seeing a guy who had clearly put on his girlfriend’s tiny, Little Orphan Annie costume. He was wearing the curly red wig and all, and shivering his way out of a crowded stage in the early hours of the morning. It was a sight to behold, and I LOVED every bit of it. Oh, the wonderful world of inebriated people and limitless combinations of weird clothes pulled from the camp tickle trunk!

photo 4
Anyway, back to tights. They are a lot easier to pull off than a red wig and a dress and only one step away from skinny jeans, but feel like you’re wearing sweats. What’s not to love?! Super flattering with max cameltoe and moose knuckle powers. Warm, but not too hot for the day either. They take up a super small amount of space for packing as well. An essential part to anyone’s festival wardrobe!

I have a couple wicked pairs I found over the past couple years. Definitely all over the space tights! I love the drop crotch cut of these ones too. They’re still tights, but have a bit of an ali baba feel, which is perfect.

photo 5

Both of them are ambiguously branded and cheaply made. I’m not the best ambassador for buying tights from good companies, so I asked around, and found some GREAT brands, all designed or made in Canada, that all make some killer leggings!

Pokosha clothing is based out of Squamish B.C., and have some pretty stellar prints and designs. They even have these cat suit, onesie style leggings! I really dig the T-rex print cat suit, and the lightning print leggings titled “Thunder Thighs”.

Pokosha Tights. Photo Cred Pokosha

Pokosha Tights. Photo Cred: Pokosha

Glyphix is getting some really nice original art tights made, that are the freshest fractal prints around. I first met this guy when we were both doing art at the Labyrinth stage in it’s first year. He’s a really talented trippy guy, and his work definitely reflects that!

Photo Cred: Gl

Photo Cred: Glyphix

So Tight leggings are ethically made in Montreal and designed in Fernie, so you can feel pretty good about purchasing from these guys. Plus, they have super creative prints of images by photographer Cody Puckett that give these tights a unique wearable art feel, a lot like Glyphix.

Photo Cred: Sotight

Photo Cred: Sotight

I really love the prints that Mitmunk have for their leggings. They do a fantastic job at making tongue in cheek, video game/robot themed prints that fit on the body well. A lot of the printed leggings feel very 2D, but these make a lot of sense on the body and fit like armour! Really cool, these guys are one of my favorites by far! They are located in Vancouver, and use images designed by artist Wayne Elliott.

Photo Cred: Style by Fire

Photo Cred: Style by Fire

photo 10

Photo Cred: Crisis Wear

Hope that covers you, or at least your legs! Stay sexy and warm. Wear tights.

Here are some other great choices of companies to buy tights from:

Maha Devi | House SM | Rabbit and Empee | Poprageous | Daubanddesign

WORDS: Kaiser


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  1. love these leggings but then I wear from the norm to the extraordinary

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