Phillips Backyard Weekender: Tips From The Pros! Vol.1: Alex Kerr

It’s another year and another weekend spent dancing out butts off and enjoying time with friends at Phillips Brewery! We asked Alex Kerr, Marketing Manager of Atomique Productions his advice on how to party professionally this coming weekend.
1. What are your top 5 must see artists this weekend? 
I’m going to avoid the obvious must-sees because if you don’t plan on seeing Reggie Watts or The Revolution you’re nuts.
1. Hollie Cook – Hey Victoria, remember how you fell head over heels for Allen Stone last year? Yeah, it’s going to happen again. I dare you not to crush on Hollie’s tropical pop sound and sweet demeanour.
2. I M U R – Be sure to duck into the Picnic-er Stage for I M U R on Saturday night for some dreamy bass-heavy RnB.
3. Moontricks – Make this your late-day, out-of-office “meeting”  on Friday afternoon, because Moontricks > work.
4. Miami Nights 1984 – These two play the sounds you want to hear on a Sunday afternoon after one or two or twelve beers the night before. Do yourself a favour and get some musical therapy in early on Sunday afternoon.
5. The Funkee Wadd (Sunday set) – Playing soon after Miami Nights 1984, The Funkee Wadd will get you levelled up for the rest of Sunday with his funky breaks and classic throwbacks. Few stages fit his vibes better than the west coast intimacy of The Picnic-er Stage.
2. Being a Phillips Weekender Pro, what are 3 Pro tips you can share that everyone should know on how to be the best weekender they can be?
1. Wear proper footwear. This ain’t no summertime festival in a grassy field. Lace up your dancing sneakers and leave the flips flops at home to maximize your dancability at #PBW2018.
2. Explore the drink menu. Yeah, The Weekender is known for its (delicious) Phillips beer, but there’s some hidden gems on tap this weekend. Merridale’s Mo’Moro Blood Orange Cider tastes like summer in a glass and rumour has it their Cowichan Vodka will be mixed with a lavender lemonade (I’ll take five plz).
3. Hit up the afterparties. There’s some serious talent lined up for this year’s afterparties, so pace yourself and prepare to go late into the night up at the Capital Ballroom.
3. Summarize what Phillips Backyard Weekender means to you in a Haiku 
Ten drink tickets please
Hey these are going down nice
The fuck is my shirt?
– Alex Kerr

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