Phillips Backyard Weekender: Tips From The Pros! Vol.2: Jimmy Leitch

In our second rotation around the sun of pro tips for Phillips Backyard Weekender, we caught up with the Lion at Large aka Jimmy Leitch aka the man of many talents for Do250 and Do604 to ask him how to come in hot (but not too hot) to the Weekender.

What are your top 5 must see artists this weekend? 

     Reggie Watts – when you have that many slashes associated with your skill set ie: singer / beatboxer / actor / comedian / looper / improviser – you command serious clout as a performer. This guy is a musical giant – and that hair amirght?

Louise Burns – Here’s one of those artists I can see a dozen times every year and still be moved. Louise has this Stevie Nicks vibe, and a sweet, precocious and all-around badass personality.
   – Dia-Nos – Those guys at Do250 (cough, cough) really did a great job curating this year! Seriously speaking though this is the first time we’ll see the duo Dia-Nos at the Weekender, and their chill hip-hip / house arrangements will suit the festival perfectly. Can’t wait to see their back up dancer in action!
    – Frankiie – Power group! These four ladies are amazing friends, each bringing their own skill to the project. Definitely excited to add some dream-rock into the mix on Sunday. They mix a bit of surf, pop, shoegaze and siren-esque vocal arrangements into


  – Zee and The Empties – I’ve been chasing this crew for a gig all year, and stoked to have landed them on the Picnic-er stage! Zac is a real up-and-comer in the hip-hop and R&B scene in Vancouver, and this is a must watch! Can’t wait to see the ensemble Zac brings to the yard this weekend.
Three Pro Tips
 1. If you’re needing a boost, the crew at Taco Justice cut a serious rug inside that truck. I thoroughly enjoyed their moves last year… the taco’s are great too.

 2. – Work with your boozy buddies to discover the newest Merridale x Phillips snake bite combo. Not only will it break up your usual PBW flavours, but that shit is serious dancing jet fuel. Drink responsibly though homies, no one wants to see your lunch on pavement.


 – Spend some time at the Picnic-er Stage in the old Anian spot. I know I may seem biased, but there’s some serious up-and-coming talent there, The new layout this year will mean easier access, and better sight lines.
PBW Haiku 
  Beer gleams in sunbeams
   A hug for the ears is near
    Hard lean at after party

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