Five Questions with Five Alarm Funk

Dynamo contributor Thad got to squeeze in a quick Q+A with powerhouses Five Alarm Funk around the time of their killer Tall Tree set. Here is Five Questions with Five Alarm Funk!

Betty & Kora: You guys are coming into your 12th year as a band, having released 5 albums in that time, what can you guys attribute to being the keys to your success?

Five Alarm Funk: I think our success and longevity comes from constant creativity and innovation in our music. We’re always looking for new ways to write and perform, which keeps the fresh, alive and having fun.

BK: It’s a pretty rare thing to see a band of 9 people, how has it been organizing, writing, and performing with so many people involved?

FAF: Bands of any size are hard to organize. Our system is very simple though and keeps everyone on the same page. We write in small groups then bring the music into the rehearsal and everyone gets to add there own input to it. Everyone has there own job designations within the band. GM, Tour Manager, Design, Merch, Finances, Drivers, Chef etc. We all work for the greater good of the group.

Five Alarm Funk @ Tall Tree 2015. Photo: The Real Matt Love

Five Alarm Funk @ Tall Tree 2015. Photo Cred: The Real Matt Love

BK: Your music and live show is pretty high energy, where do you guys gather the inspiration for your writing process?

FAF: I think it all comes down to having fun. We’re inspired by positive energy and creating an atmosphere where we and the fans can let go. The energy is addicting, the more you give, the more you get. In the writing process, we know we’re writing to create this.

BK: Your most recent album, AbandonEarth, puts forward the concept of our planet being destroyed by a giant robot, is there any underlying or subliminal messages to be found?

FAF: The underlying message of AbandonEarth is that power, greed and industry is destroying the natural world. This is our fantastical way of showing global warming in its apocalyptic stage.

BK: You guys tour quite extensively, how have you seen the festival scene evolve in your time as a band?

FAF: The festival scene has boomed since we first started touring extensively. We’ve scene the rise of many smaller independent fests that have blossomed into renowned events. It’s inspiring as an artist to have the possibilities to present yourself to crowds who might not necessarily see you.

Five Alarm Funk @ Tall Tree 2015. Photo Cred: The Real Matt Love

Five Alarm Funk @ Tall Tree 2015. Photo Cred: The Real Matt Love

WORDS: Thadius Maximus

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Real Matt Love

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