A Bass Coast Collection of Collaborative Content for the King: Orilla


On March 31, 2019, our dear friend, mentor and musical ally Orrie (Orilla) Tetoga Falesau left this world far too soon. Orilla is a cherished member of our community, and the reverberations of his existence will resonate for a long time to come. Orilla & Grossbuster were supposed to play their first Bass Coast set this year, but the universe had other plans. 


In commemoration of Orilla’s life on this plane of existence, Grossbuster teamed up with Strange Thing and AutoKrat to rinse out a Bass Coast set to be remembered. The experience was a true representation of duality: melancholy and joyous, breathtaking and inspiring, and real while seeming like a dream. 

Orrie’s impact on our community was truly something to be admired, and he will always live on through his music. We set out to encapsulate this moment and share it with his family, friends and extended musical community.

This is a collection of collaborative content for the king: Orilla. 

With much love and admiration, long live the king.

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Grossbuster, Strange Thing, AutoKrat, Xavier Photography, Danielle LindenlaubFilter Out the Ordinary, 403 ABC, Prettylips Danceyhips, Kyle Kello, Tianna Seaholm, Brennan Pond, Betty & Kora and Bass Coast

1 Comment on A Bass Coast Collection of Collaborative Content for the King: Orilla

  1. Zane Matthew Augruso // May 24, 2020 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    Very well said and poetically worded. I’m glad that Orrie’s artistic work and collaborations are so widely shared to this day and his genuine spirit continues to glow with many.

    I know that often when composing beats and basslines I see his smile and kind eyes through the rippling of sounds and frequencies.
    I’m so Glad for your positive spirit my friend. Absolutely nothing will diminish those atomic collisions. The inspiration left is infinite.
    Much Love . So much Love.

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