Cumberland Wild – Things to be Stoked About!

Words By: Dru Chapple | Hero Images By: Ali Parker  | Article Images By: Roco Newson

With just 3 days until Cumberland Wild, I can hear it roaring. 

This new festival has been a whisper in the wind for quite some time and I couldn’t be more excited to let my mane down and dance wildly. 

2 days. 2 stages. This festival, held in the heart of Cumberland, embraces that old town vibe where no one is excluded. Bring the kids! 

A few things to be stoked about:

All Ages & Licensed

The joy of a licensed event means that you, like myself, can enjoy a Wayward Distillery’s mystery cocktail surprise without being confined to a cage. 

And don’t worry, you can hydrate at the water refill station. Easy peasy. Just remember to bring your refillable container. 

Silent Disco

I don’t have a lot of words for this, other than I can’t wait to experience it. 

With roughly 200 of 750 headsets left, you better get yours fast! 


Who doesn’t like the community bonding that comes from setting up camp in a field with those you share a common interest with? 

Have fun decorating and lighting your camp to express your inner wild. Don’t forget, respect your community and pack out what you pack in. Let’s leave this place pristine. 



Saturday is kicking it off all things dancy with a little edge of rock n’ roll. 

You can find me releasing some angst front and center for Pack AD and then grooving into the evening at DJ Murge’s set. 

Sunday I’m all about reliving that one time I drove across the country and picked up a random cd in PEI. Nothing like closing out a wonderful weekend with the solid driving beats and banjo of Elliot Brood. 

There are TONS of other gems on this lineup!


Please be safe and respect our forests! No open flame

Let’s get wild! 

xo Dru

See the full schedule below and click here for tickets!

PS if you’re in town don’t miss the Cumberland Wild Warm Up Part!!! Event page here!

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