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There is a point in every person’s life where they feel stuck–stuck in the everyday grind, or stagnant in their self-progression. It can become hard to move past this point, or to identify what needs to change in order to be one’s best self. After experiencing Bass Coast Music Festival for the second time, I have come to realize that this boutique festival in Merritt, British Columbia is the perfect spark to ignite one’s journey through self-exploration. Although Bass Coast is well known for its music line up, in my opinion, the festival outshines others because of what else it has to offer. From educational workshops, to the Babe Spa, this festival takes care of all your needs so you can focus inwards and listen to the whispers of your inner-self.

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Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental connection you seek, you will find it at Bass Coast. There is something special about the atmosphere that lifts your spirit and opens your heart thus leaving you more receptive to genuine personal connection. Smiles are mirrored throughout the crowd and welcome authentic conversation which makes it easy to engage with someone you’ve never met before and allow your thoughts to flow freely. The music runs deep, vibrating through the trees and across the river keeping you physically united with the festival’s continuous pulse.  Art installations, such as the Arcane Axis, grant you a sacred and safe space to acknowledge the breadth of your emotions while you admire the craftsmanship and complexities of its bones.

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The mundane tasks of everyday life can be exhausting and can drain your creativity and cloud your aspirations. Luckily, Bass Coast Festival is equipped with an assortment of activities and trappings which can embolden much needed revelations. The grounds of Bass Coast are sprinkled with an abundance of diverse art installations created by local talents, and often supported by Bass Coast Art Grants, which inspire and impress onlookers. Pieces like the AR Sanscapes encourage you to tune in to your sense of touch and sight as you engage with the art, and the Registroid, Telepede, Radiano, Pythagorhythm encourages cooperation in the creation of the latest hit track. The schedule is also packed with workshops such as “Artist & Talent Management” by Tomas Avendano, “Reset Resort: A guide for sober partying” by Mandy Lawson and Natz Kristina, and “Capturing the Revolution” by Daniel J. Pierce. But let’s not forget the music, which is the soul of the festival and invites your inner child to listen carefully, dance freely, and love openly. This year’s sets by The Gaff, SkiiTour and The Funk Hunters reminded me why allowing our bodies to succumb to the beat on a regular basis can be both exhilarating and cleansing.

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Sometimes the easiest thing to change in your life is your wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to switch up your style? Or perhaps you haven’t bought yourself something shiny and new for quite some time. Luckily, Bass Coast has an entire market of unique and handcrafted clothing and accessories. My favourites this year were Hunter.Lö Design’s exquisite handmade gemstone jewellery, MahaDevi Design’s comfortable and sustainable clothing, and OmBooty’s exquisite leather infused creations. Whatever you are searching for to shift your style from ordinary to extraordinary you will discover at Bass Coast vendors.

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Finding time for self-care can be difficult when you’re balancing work, family life and your social life. In response, the creators of Bass Coast have made sure that festival goers have an abundance of opportunities to engage in this important practice. Workshops such as “Self-Care for Mental Health” by Madison Kolla taught me body awareness, and how to focus on my breath in order to encourage relaxation. The Babe Spa was the first I had seen of its kind at a festival. You could pre-book body painting, massage, and hair appointments or try to snag a spot during the event. You no longer have to imagine what it feels like to receive a deep massage while music vibrates through every tissue in your body. Thanks to this festival, it is now possible to experience this in the depths of the forest. And, for those looking to reconnect and explore their bodies in a new way, movement workshops were available throughout the day. From Yoga, to hula hooping, to the twerk shop, The Movement Studio was a place where bodies swayed, swiveled, bent and bounced. Each exercise reminded you to enjoy your body and marvel in its ability to push past your thoughts’ limitations.

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Bass Coast Festival was a holistic experience and I would strongly encourage you to delve into the daytime workshops. Thank you Bass Coast for allowing me to frolic in your splendor and for encouraging me to explore my inner truths.

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