Envision Festival 2018: Lineup Highlights, Environmental Initiatives, and New Additions! | Feb 22-25

WORDS: Bruce

Envision Festival’s 2018 event is nearing close! This festival experience has evolved so much over the years, and 2018 is starting to look like our favourite yet! With 3 stages to revel at, expect returning acts like Clozee, CharlestheFirst, and Random Rab, as well as new acts which diversify the lineup, including Bass Coast’s The Librarian, Vancouver’s Slynk, Thriftworks, Bob Moses, and didgeridoo legend, Xavier Rudd. This is just a mere taste of the new DJ acts, so make sure to visit their website to see every artist performing this year.

If the Costa Rican landscape wasn’t gorgeous enough, the Envision team are putting loads of work into elevating the visual experience this year. Visual artist & Berklee College professor, Zebbler, is showcasing a new 3d mapped projection on both the Luna stage and Sol stage. You can learn more about Zebbler here. And If you were there last year, expect both stages to have a new look and feel.


This year, the Envision Street Team partnered with locals to visit various coastal communities and pick up garbage that had washed ashore from Hurricane Nate. The teams planted trees that are essential for the coast, which prevent erosion, beach loss, and encourages a natural habitat for wildlife. Many of these new trees have been specially placed in the campground to provide more shade for attendees, and for the wild monkeys known to hang around the festival. No doubt these trees will make resting in the hot temperatures easier for all.

One of the special treats we all love about international festivals is trying exotic food and the rich local delicacies of each location. Envision has secured several amazing vendors, with all the local authentic Costa Rican food you could possibly dream of. In addition, you’ll notice The Herbal Elixir Bar hosted by The NOHM Co. and Village Witches Healing Sanctuary. Expect a stunning amount of areas to relax in and indulge in their herbal brews, and enjoy some energy or bodywork treatments. Massage or Reiki on the beach, anyone?

If you’re looking to pack light, the festival has expanded their camping packages to give optional ways to enjoy the venue. If you practice yoga, look into their yoga cabanas. Looking for a better view of the grounds? Ask about their tent platforms, which is brand new this year!

Caravaning to Costa Rica with a big squad? Try their Group Tent rentals. Looking for a better view of the grounds? They now have tent platforms, which is brand new this year! The team feels confident they can take care of any need you desire. Email vip@envisionfestival.com to dream up your perfect camp experience, and watch them breathe life into those dreams.

Envision festival is looking to be an astonishing time that’s bound to leave an impact on attendees and the Costa Rican community. If you are going, feel free to post comments below and let us know what you’re excited about!

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