Why is Travelling to Tropical Festivals Worth the $$$

Envision Festival

Words: Kailey Seabrook | Photo’s Courtesy of: Jorge Photography, Fisher Louis, & Eric Allen via Envision Music Festival


It’s already mid-February, New Year’s resolutions have been made and forgotten and winter’s cold snowfalls and short days have really established themselves. While shows are abundant across Canada during this time of year, the carefree summer festival shenanigans seem light years away. Some of us may make our way to Snowbombing or maybe went to Song and Surf to keep our best festival alter egos satiated until spring but for others, warmer climes are calling.


Photo Courtesy of: Fisher Louis

For those of you who would rather boogie in a swimsuit than a snowsuit, I invite you to consider a Snowpants to No Pants Tour!


Photo Courtesy of: Eric Allen

With Envision festival only a week away how can you justify taking a week off work in the middle of winter to get your jungle boogie on?

Photo Courtesy of: Jorg Photography

Photo Courtesy of: Jorg Photography

Lots of people go on all inclusive destination holidays at this time of year.

Think of your destination festival like a personally tailored vacation. You can stay at an Airbnb or hostel off the festival site or choose from one of Envision’s multiple lodging options from beachside camping to treehouse suites. You can eat local cuisine or dine on inspired international options. Take a surf lesson, go to a yoga class or go sloth watching. You can budget the same time and money that you would on an all inclusive, but instead party in the jungle with your favourite artists and festie besties.

Photo Courtesy of: Jorg Photography

It’s education. How much are you willing to pay for a workshop, a permaculture course or an eco tour? When you buy a tropical festival ticket you have access to education that would cost you a fortune outside of the festival environment. To make navigating the educational aspect of this year’s gathering a breeze, Envision is kicking the weekend off with a TED style crash course on all of the talks and classes on offer. So check the schedule and take advantage of the master classes and world-class teachers.


Photo Courtesy of: Jorg Photography

Your health depends on it! You need vitamin D for millions of different bodily functions, (and don’t even get me started about vitamin SEA!). If you don’t get enough vitamin D you will literally end up sick and tired. While supplementing it in the dark days of winter is safe, the real deal that comes from organic Costa Rican sunshine is so much sweeter. Justify your fun in the sun with some straight up science.

If you are over this deep freeze, then book a flight, buy a ticket, and get your flip flops ready because there are warm waves and fresh coconuts waiting and the fun is only a week away.

Don’t forget about some of the many other epic festivals taking place in Central America such as Bamboo Bass Festival happening this weekend, and Tribal Gathering Feb. 23 – March 9.

See you there! ❤ Kailey

Envision Festival Site | Tickets | Facebook | Instagram

Photo Courtesy of: Eric Allen

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