Bass CoastX: PRISM :Costume Inspiration

Words: Little D

Check out Part 1: Literal Interpretations and Part 2: Figurative Interpretations!

Part 3: Product Round-Up!

We’ve scoured the internet for some products you can purchase to achieve your perfect PRISM look. We’re pretty sure they’ll stay in your closet, forever though! Check out your local second-hand stores for scores, and be sure to keep a little $$$ in your pocket for Bass Coast’s vendors because they always bring the fashion heat!

*btw, we think all of these items could be rocked by anyone of any gender*

Holographic Body Suit – Sea Dragon Studio – $57 USD

holo onesie

Actual Prism Leggings – Society6 – $40 USD

prism legging

Geometric Spectrum T-shirt – Imaginary Foundation – $10 USD

geometric spectrum tee

Rainbow Faux Fur Jacket – Dollskill – $87

rainbow jacket

Bright Delight Swimsuit – Nakimuli – $98 USD

bright delight suit

Prism Sports Bra – Nike – $50 USD

nike bra

Prism Leggings – Nike $130 USD

nike leggings

Prism Earrings – Art By Holly Pawson – $50

prism earrings

Rainbow Triangle Bandana – Into the AM – $4

geo bandana

Rainbow Triangle Hoodie – Into The AM – $60

geo hoodie

Amazing Sequin Tunic Dress – Little Black Diamond – $119 USD

sequin tunic

Rainbow Sweater – Dollskill – $122

rainbow sweater

Shiny Rainbow Boots – Dollskill – $205

rainbow boot

Sequin Mini Dress – Little Black Diamond – $79

sequin mini

Face Jewels – IHeartRaves – $13 (Make sure to dispose of these properly!)


Holographic Vest – Sea Dragon Studio – $95

holo vest

Rainbow Silk Dancing Fans – Lunar Wear – $63

rainbow fans

Geometric Print Button-Down – Kilambi – $40

geo button down

Geometric Print Leggings – Society6 – $40 USD

triangle legging

Digital Prisms T-shirt – Threyda – $40 USD

digital prism tee


Rainbow Highlighter Heaven For Every Budget

Pashmacco – $22 CAD +Shipping


Ulta – $13 CAD +Shipping


Touch of Glam – $14 CAD +Shipping

touch of glam

Sephora – $38 CAD +Shipping


Wet N’ Wild – $6 USD +Shipping

wet n wild


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