Bass CoastX: PRISM :Costume Inspiration Part 2.

Words: Little D

For some festivallers, fashion is an integral part of the experience. Bass Coast Music and Art Festival is the event to spot the most legendary looks (was it a coincidence that Forever 21 exploded with space-themed gear after BC announced their 2017 theme? I think not).

We’ve put together this 3-part lookbook of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing for the 10th Anniversary’s theme: PRISM.

Check out Part 1: Literal Interpretations, here!


Part 2: Figurative Interpretations

Instead of saying “I’m a Prism,” these looks refer to themes of uniqueness, diversity, creativity, and self-love. Bass Coast is a safe space for free self-expression, and PRISM inspires us to shine in whatever way makes us feel the most beautiful. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident, unique, and authentic.

*btw, we think all of these looks could be rocked by anyone of any gender*

Unicorn/Creatures – you are a rare breed.

Boho Prism – pastels, flowy dress, colorful crowns, shiny sequins.

Statement Looks – express your perspective.

Comfort Zone – what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin?


Clowning Around – delightful, expressive characters.


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