Festival Family Christmas List 2017: Shop Local


Looking for the perfect gift for one of your festival family members? Or perhaps you’re just not sure what you’d like this year. Don’t fret, Betty & Kora (and friends) are here to save the day with a list of their favourite local products and services that make the best possible gifts for your chosen family.

For the friend who is always chilly, grab them a Hypno Slash Thuggie or Save the Elephants Funzie Onsie to keep warm during those long, festival evenings. Extra bonus? Between Nov 18th and Dec 31st, 5% of every Save The Elephants Onesie sold will be donated to the Save the Elephants Foundation.


For the whole crew, help them drink in style with a Chuggies six pack, each as unique as they are. Don’t forget to use BKHoliday for 15% off.

The Thuggie

Canadian purveyors of extreme comfort with an ever evolving product line to go with their ever evolving customer base. What began as one outrageously long, pullover hoodie has spawned into hoodies sized for the whole family! Based in Vancouver, BC.

Use coupon code BKHoliday to get 15% off!

For your hippy sister, grab her a Seaweed Body Gel to help her cleanse and restore her sun-kissed skin after four days of daytime dance parties.

Seaflora Skincare

100% Organic products made with marine and thalassotherapy elements of wild seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals. Based in Sooke, BC.


For the moon goddess of the group purchase her an Opal Ring to guide her through her next transformational festival experience.

Zaleska Jewellery

Each item is handmade by Sylvia, designer and CEO, and her talented team of silversmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.

Use code BKHoliday for 10% off!


For the friend who finds it hard to rally on day three, help them heal with some Hangover Aromatherapy Oil or freshen up with this Festival Fresh Mist.

Here & Now Botanicals

The scent profiles created for each of our products draws on the love and positive energy shared between an ever growing festival family. From Burning Man to Envision to Motion Notion to Shambhala and back again – so many memories are created from experiencing the people, art and music – each of these memories is associated with a scent. Every product is created in Vancouver, BC.


For your zany sidekick, a perfectly peculiar eyeball pin or customized snapback is the perfect present.



For your budding photographer friend, the Hitcase Pro is waterproof, shockproof and comes with interchangeable lenses to flawlessly document your adventures together.


This Vancouver based company has created the ultimate waterproof protection case for your iPhone complete with interchangeable lenses! Use code BKHoliday for 10% off!


For your BFF, remind them of those late nights and early mornings spent laughing and dancing together with beautifully handpainted art.

Living Luna(r) Art

Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Jessica is a woman of many talents and this budding artist has a way with the paintbrush. Check out her gallery or order a custom print! Mention code BKHoliday for 10% off when purchasing!


For your festival love, make your memories last forever with a photo shoot!

Tails and Wings

Lindsay Erickson is a self-taught photographer and painter, specializing in lifestyle photography. She works in all natural light with a very candid and natural approach and is located in Victoria, BC.

For the friend who always takes dirt naps, grab them the best invention ever: CompREST the waterproof based, vacuum packed foam mattress that even charges your phone!


What began as a KickStarter has now turned into a reality! Working part time out of Vancouver, BC Sawyer is helping festival goers sleep in comfort!


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