Exclusive B+K Premiere: Drop Into Tim Livingstone’s Newest Mix

Words: Little D

Tim Livingstone’s Drip Drop mix is – as our very own Kora put it – “one of those good for anything and everything mixes.” With just over an hour of feel-good tunes and flawless mixing, you are truly in for a treat with this one.

The mix has great flow, with the energy gradually building over the first 20 minutes and then staying super upbeat until the very end. Tim serves up a futurebass feast, complete with a Falcons appetizer, sides of Soupandreas and Point Point, and a hefty helping of Coyote Kisses. We also get the quintessential blend of hip-hop-and-pop-infused bass music that we all know and love from SkiiTour, plus some super-relevant political messages via Parisi and Saul Williams.

Tim’s selection style shines on unique, emotive tracks like Elley Duhé’s Immortal and Aluna George’s My Blood (feat Zhu). We get lots of lush vocals and instrumentals in low-tempo, sultry tunes (not least of which is an ultra-sexified version of an already pure-sex tune, Tove Lo’s Say It – SG Lewis Remix).

Tim also sprinkles in reworks of classics like Throw Some D’s, Empire State of Mind, and Aint’ No Sunshine, just in case we forgot that his track selection is geared toward timeless tunes that you can listen to over and over. In other words, this mix is one to put in your arsenal for trips to the gym, making dinner and cleaning house, and hanging out with friends.

It may seem like I’ve given it all away up front, but trust me: there is so much solid gold in this mix that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Pairs well with: Red wine & pizza, good friends & good times.


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