The People Of Northern Nights 2017 Share Their Favourite Moments

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lindsay Alamillo

It was Betty and Kora’s first year covering Nothern Nights festival and to help us tackle the 5th year of the Californian festival we employed the help of one of our newest contributors Lindsay Alamillo. Check out the first ever “People of Northern Nights” portrait series, all feature a quote from attendees sharing their favourite parts of the festival, insights, observations and lasting impressions.


Alison (Los Angeles, CA)

“The river is the coolest part. It’s the most interactive. Everywhere else you’re just kind of sitting. But it’s fun and it’s small and they treat the artists really well.”


Ryan (Sacramento, CA)

“I love the sense of community here. It’s small enough that you feel like you don’t have to miss anything – you can be anywhere. And it’s cool because I feel like it’s all people who want to be here – who want this in their life.”


Tyler (Kent, IN)

“I wanted to see California because the farthest I’ve ever travelled from home was Colorado and this was the one. I’ll definitely be coming back.”


Louise & Brandi (Humboldt, CA)

“We come because we live here. Some of our friends have been coming since the first year so we’ve really seen it grow. It’s fun to see it progress more and more each year.”


Cheynne (San Francisco, CA)

“Each year, I come back for the strangers who have turned into life-long friends. Our camp grows  every year and it’s refreshing to see beautiful faces both new and old.”


Jorge (Oakland, CA)

“What really caught my attention was the intimacy of the event. I’ve been to really crowded festivals and it can be overwhelming at times. The size makes it much easier to get around and really allows you that extra space to dance.”

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