How To Party While Pregnant

WORDSKalisi Luv ❤

LEAD IMAGE: Bass Coast 

Don’t let pregnancy stop you from having the time of your life this summer; in fact, this might be one of your last chances to throw caution to the wind for quite some time. My latest experience at Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew, British Columbia taught me that the key is to stay comfortable during the process, which can be hard for those in their third trimester. Here are some simple things I did while seven months pregnant that allowed me to enjoy my fading freedom:

Stay Hydrated. Before this festival season, I purchased myself a Vibedration backpack to make sure that I always had water on hand. The backpack is the perfect size to fit in extra clothing, snacks, sunscreen and of course the all important hydration pack. If you don’t have a backpack and water bladder make sure you have an oversized plastic water bottle to carry around with you at all times because water can be difficult to find when you are in the moment and glass can easily break (and is sometimes confiscated by security).

Wear Comfortable Clothing. It is possible to stay fashionable and comfortable at festivals and don’t be afraid to show off your baby bump with tight-fitting clothing or fabric that moves loosely as you sway to the music. This year I really enjoyed showing off my belly because of the interactions I had with well-wishers. I found that daytime was easiest to find comfortable attire (belly tops, bathing suits, and dresses) and thanks to my Thuggie I was able to stay stylish and warm at night. The large fit of this long hoodie, its soft interior, and the eccentric pattern was perfect for the style of this West coast festival.


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Sleep Comfortably. This year I opted to go Glamping and it was well worth it. Wild Havens is a great choice for BC festival attendees and if you are interested in learning more please have a look at my article here. Otherwise, make sure to get a tent with ample room, and if you can find one that lets you stand up, all the better. At times my back hurt so much I couldn’t imagine having to crouch in the tent for any extended period of time. Bring lots of pillows with you and an extra blanket so you can try to find the perfect sleeping position. Also, purchase a double high air mattress because getting up and down from the ground can be nearly impossible and will put way too much strain on your body. Most importantly, if you’re tired, just go to bed. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or you will risk not being able to do much of anything the next day.

Cover up. Although it may be tempting to bare all with your beautiful baby belly it’s important to protect yourself from the hot sun’s rays during peak times. Whether you decide to sport a funky hat from Zippity-do or a beautiful hood from Gold & Cove you’ll be both fashionable and comfortable. Be sure to have sunscreen on hand as heat stroke is not good for you or baby. Also, pitch a shaded area outside of your tent with seats and maybe even a day bed in case the tent gets too hot from the mid-day sun. Having a place to chill out in away from the heat, music and blazing baselines could be just what you need from time to time to gather yourself and let your little babe rest between your favourite DJ sets.


Purchase your own hood from Gold & Cove here

Take Breaks. I found that the first night my back began to hurt around midnight so I ended up sitting and chair dancing for quite some time. The next day I made a point of sitting more often (no matter how much I wanted to get up and dance!) and was able to go until about 4 am. A friend suggested that I  bring a large exercise ball (that I didn’t end up using) but it may work for some. Also, a small chair to put on the sidelines might have been helpful for when it can be hard to find a comfy spot to rest your aching feet.

Cool Off. When the sun is a blazing it’s hard to go a raving! Get yourself a nice sarong or kimono that you can dip in water and drape over your shoulders or head for added shade. When the air hits the fabric it will keep it and you cool. Another awesome option is to fill a small spray bottle with water and your favourite cooling essential oil (citrus, peppermint, etc.) to spray yourself with periodically and don’t forget a little battery-operated fan. Finally, try to scope out the best shady spots and dance near them so that when it’s time to take a break you don’t have to walk far and don’t be afraid to point out your belly for some added sympathy and space.


Photo: Lindsey Blaine

Eat. Most festivals these days have a delicious array of food carts available for your nourishment needs, so pack some extra cash and make sure you have at least three deliciously healthy meals a day. Yes, a cheaper option is to bring your own food, however, coolers can get pretty sketchy by day two or three so it might be best to stick to food that has been properly stored and thoroughly cooked. This year I opted to stay meat free to lower my chances of getting food poisoning so I loaded up on beans, cheese, and other protein rich foods instead. Also, make sure to buy some protein bars and stash them in your bag for emergency energy.

Support. Try not to fly solo when pregnant and make sure you always have a friend close by in case anything happens. Additionally, make sure to let the First Aid team know who you are, where you are camped and contact information for someone on site and off site in case of emergencies. The safer you feel the more likely you are to have a good time and enjoy the energy of the festival.

What The Festival 2017 - Betty and Kora - Photo By Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Photo Cred: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

In the end, everyone is different, has different needs, different limitations and different pregnancies so it is always important to listen to your body. When it’s time to move, do it, when it’s time to relax, take a break and when it’s time to sleep, enjoy it. Don’t think that being pregnant means you can’t have fun anymore because listening to an epic set while watching all your friends shedding their outer layer to reveal their true selves is the best kind of high anyone can ask for. Stay safe and party like today is a present and the future is yours.



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