Why You Should Treat Yourself To Glamping This Festival Season

WORDS: Kalisi


This year my partner and I were lucky enough to be treated to a Glamping Package from Wild Havens at Tall Tree Music Festival. In addition to Tall Tree, Wild Havens has Glamping options for other British Columbia Festivals this summer such as Bass Coast, Sunfest and Legends Festival. Each festival provides two Glamping options:

Large Tent: $1000 + deposit

  • 20 X 4 m
  • 2 Queen or 4 Single
  • Max 4 people
  • Air Mattress, fitted sheets, linen and pillows
  • Carpets, mirror, table, lights

Small Tent: $800 + deposit

  • 10 X 5 m
  • 1 Queen or 2 Single
  • Max 3 people
  • Air Mattress, fitted sheets, linen and pillows
  • Carpets, mirror, table, lights


We elected to try out the Small Tent option with 1 Queen sized bed and one single bed which worked perfectly for our situation. But instead of making this about my experience, let’s make it about you.  Why should you treat yourself to a Glamping package this festival season? Here are my top 5 reasons:

  • You want a stress-free experience. If you’re a festival veteran like me you know how exhausting it can be to pack up all your gear and lug it around the festival grounds until you find a flat enough spot to set up shop. After that, the stress of trying to figure out how to set up your tent and supplies can take the sweetness out of any honeymoon. Whose job was it to bring the pillows? Who forgot to buy the batteries for the air pump? I don’t think I’ve ever set up camp without some kind of complication. With Glamping, no matter daylight or sundown, you know you’ll be partying with your pals right away instead of clambering around in the dark trying to find your tent poles. When it’s time to leave? Just pack up your personal items and set sail for home without the drag of being hungover and trying to pack your tent back into the tiny bag it came in…has anyone ever been able to do that anyways?
  • You want to be comfortable. Comfort is key when it comes to Glamping and the Wild Havens bell tents are incredibly spacious. No matter which size tent you choose, each bell tent is tall enough to stand in and wide enough for your bedding, all your gear and for guests to hang out in. When it comes to sleep time, each bed is double the height of a regular blow up mattress and comes with sheets, pillows and a warm duvet. Additionally, it is equipped with multiple air vents made of mesh to help you cool off in the summer heat while keeping the bugs out or you can unzip the sides of the tent  from the base and roll up the walls in order to have full air ventilation on those blazing hot summer mornings when you want to sleep in just a little bit longer.
  • You can’t arrive early. For many festivals, you need to pay more money for early entry which is suggested in order to scout out a good campsite. However, a decent spot to erect your tent is not guaranteed. Many campers end up on the edge of the festival grounds or camping near loud stages and busy walkways even when arriving early. Compellingly, Glamping makes it easy for you to arrive at any time or day of the festival and still obtain a sweet camping spot. Wild Havens does their best to find premium camping areas away from too much night noise yet close enough for easy access to all amenities. For example, our tent was nestled beside some shade-bearing bushes just below the breakfast restaurant/cafe and daytime stage (which closed nightly at about 6 pm). This made it the perfect spot for sleep and an easy-going morning.


  • You’re from out of town. If you’re coming in hot off the plane or plan on driving a long distance to get to the festival a Glamping package might just be the best choice. You can only fit so much on an airplane without having to pay extra for your gear and/or the added weight in your car will cost you extra in gas so why not find a few pals and put your money towards a fully-set-up camp site?
  • You’re not usually into camping. Our neighbours at Tall Tree drove in from Alberta and admitted that they had never been to a festival before and that they weren’t much for camping. On the last day of the event, I asked them about their Glamping experience and they said it was well worth the money. The cost of purchasing all the camping equipment they would have needed for the event plus the stress of finding a spot, putting it up and taking it down just wasn’t worth it to them. They definitely gave two thumbs up for Glamping.

Treat yourself, and give Glamping a try sometime. It really is next level when it comes to festivals and can make your experience that much more hassle free.  In the end, Glamping allows you to spend more time partying with friends which are really what going to a Music Festival is all about. Wild Havens also offers to hire packages for other events like weddings (including a special wedding suite) and retreats. Make sure to add Wild Havens to your Instagram account to see all the ways in which these beautiful #belltents can be a part of your camping experience!



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  1. I’m headed to oktoberfest this year and have just booked glamping with stoke travel. after reading this i think this will be the way i camp from now on!

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