Projects We Love: Fest Hut, Reducing Camping Waste One Hut At A Time

Posted by: Betty

If you’re like the BK Crew, the post-apocalyptic garbage scene after certain multi-day camping events makes you question the future sustainability of music festivals. The fact that attendees can up-and-leave, without cleaning up their site, let alone the percentage of the population that leave their inexpensive camping gear they bought 4 days before behind, makes my skin crawl. Where the F is the accountability?


The campgrounds post-Glastonbury, UK

Roughly a year ago, I was hit up by Logan and Robbie, a team of 2 business students from UVIC looking to talk to festival organizers about their idea: create eco-friendly, recyclable and low-cost accommodation for festivals, to reduce waste and the environmental impact of the event world. Not only was my interest peaked, but I immediately ‘signed-up’ to help them get the word out. So here we are, a year later and their dream of bringing recycled cardboard huts to music festivals is coming true. Here is their story:

“Back in 2016 we were a couple of festival goers frustrated with the music festival camping experience. Today, we’re creating a movement by revolutionizing the festival industry, influencing our generation, and improving the environment for the next one.”

The idea behind Fest Hut emerged from the Founders festival experiences across the globe. Before Logan and Robbie had even met, they were both avid festival goers; addicted to the good vibes and soul shaking beats experienced at live shows. In fact, instead of heading straight to University like many of their high-school pals, Logan sought out a festival experience that was unlike any other in North America. With his part-time job earnings (or life savings), he ventured out to Belgium with a group of his closest buddies to unlock the mysteriousness of Tomorrowland. As he planned to dance his life away to ‘A-lister DJs’, he realized him and his buds may have to dance all night, since packing a tent wouldn’t be easy, nor would they want to carry it all the way to the festival camp grounds. That’s when he thought of the idea for a service that could provide festival goers with a tent upon arrival, without the price tag of a VIP camping experience.



It was an idea that he shared with his classmate Robbie during their fourth year of University at UVIC. With a passion for sustainability, Robbie thought it would be even more epic if they could provide tents at festivals that were eco-friendly and recyclable. The boys thought the idea was perfect – so perfect that it would get them an A+ in their summer long entrepreneurship courses. But after knocking the pitch out of the park, they realized they could be onto something real. That’s when Fest Hut was born.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.04.23 AM

“We want to build something we are passionate about, that will not only make a positive impact on the world today, but create change for the people of tomorrow.


With Fest Hut transforming from a school project into an actual service at festivals in 2017 (so far Tall Tree Music Festival, Sunfest and Sasquatch), Logan and Robbie are on a mission to make festival goers camping experience effortless. They’re making sure music lovers can show up to a pre-pitched Hut at the festival of their choice. Even better, the huts are eco-friendly and recyclable, so festival organizers and attendees can reduce post-festival waste, for those who planned on ditching their tents anyway.


Check out Fest Hut HERE

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