Music We Love: Spaceboots Official Album and Video Release

Long hair, tight pants and personalities that radiate through their instruments, Victoria’s Spaceboots has brought everything you need to get the party started in their brand new album entitled “It’s About Time”. Luckily for you, we’ve got a special treat, a feast for the eyes, Spaceboots’s brand new video “I’m Never Drinking Again.” This album is a true testament of overcoming unimaginable and heartbreaking obstacles and we at Betty and Kora are so pumped to be a part of this release and share it with you. Deriek Simon explains:

“I Can’t say enough about how excited I am to finally release this album. Finishing this has been one of the most difficult processes of my life. Two and a half years ago after getting through about half of the record I was robbed of my computer, external hard drive and some recording equipment. This was a huge blow that had me contemplating quitting music altogether.

It was then that the new elephant to the family, Josiah Bennida Truscott, did the unthinkable and offered to help buy new computer equipment for recording. It gave new life to the project. As some may not know, at the time Sean Reinders and I had done all the production and engineering for the Spaceboots material and we were at the point, as determined as ever, to redo what we had lost and make it the best we possibly could. So many good times were had working on music with my best friend, from laughing over bad takes, to getting excited when we nailed something new, to working with exceptional artists for cameos such as Jesse Roper, Kytami, Ghosty Boy and Chicken. We were pumped.

Though, yet again, we were hit with a blow that none of us saw coming. In a week’s time it will be a year since Sean passed. This derailed my entire life as I had not only lost my best friend, but the person I did everything with, including the creation of this record.


It took everything out of me to finish this without him. Hearing him in the recordings wailing on his guitar made me miss him all that much more. As much as it was heartbreaking, I took so much pride in finishing this album so that everyone could hear how amazing he was.

Without getting too preachy I want everyone to know that in spite of the tough times, as long as you can keep your head up, make the best you can out of a bad situation and work hard, there’s nothing you can’t overcome, as the future can always be bright.


The brightness to our future is yet to be told but I look forward to rocking that journey with my brothers, my elephants, Harley Bragg, Mike Redbeard, Josiah Bennida Truscott and Dane Currie.”

Thank god he didn’t give up on music!  Come celebrate with us this Saturday, April 29th at Sugar Nightclub with openers Ghosty, Dolores Haze, and Phonik Ops (producer/DJ for Kytami) while Spaceboots hits the stage with new material and badass stage antics. Doors open at 9pm and a line-up is a certainty to so get there early. Advanced tickets $10 or $15 at the door. For more information check out their  Facebook Event Page.

Get the album via Bandcamp and Soundcloud

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