41 Reasons You Should Be Stoked You’re Going to Bass Coast

WORDS: Brought to you by the Bass Coast Street Team

With Bass Coast Festival just around the corner, and tickets having sold out in record time, your Bass Coast Street Team representatives got together and compiled a list of their FAVORITE things about the summer  event. We hope it will help YOU – the magical soon-to-be Babes of Bass Coast – get your stoke levels at optimum capacity. Here are 41 really good reasons YOU should be stoked you’re going to Bass Coast July 7-11, 2017…



1. Bass Coast is the kind of event that brings together a really special cross-section of people that’s usually hard to get together in one place. Since the festival is kept at just the perfect size, it makes it possible to connect and have personal interactions when you want, but also have an absolutely raging dance floor on hand for when you want that, too. – Ian

2. The people and the energy. Lots of smiles all weekend long. There’s nothing like an outdoor summer festival. Bass Coast is my favourite. – Kelly


3. Bass Coast is a safe space for everyone; women, men, aliens, anyone, any shape, any color, any size, etc. – Josh

4. The fact that it was founded by two powerhouse boss ladies, and that the whole community volunteers to make the magic happen. You can feel the love & energy that goes into the whole production of it all. – Nancy


5. Bass Coast is at the forefront of its field when it comes to Festival Harm Reduction. Every attendee wants to contribute good vibes and have a good time — but negative experiences do happen, and the Harm Reduction team at Bass Coast is prepared AF to get you back to your idyllic festival experience. – Lauren

6. The vibe. I love that Bass Coast has a large scale international feel to it, drawing talent from all over the world, whilst keeping that small friendly festival vibe. You feel comfortable. You can be weird and it’s cool. – Kristin

basscoast_the_past_02 (1)

7. How freaking happy everyone is to be there. Smiles for days. Need a hug? Just ask. – Josh

8. Bass coast is small and boutique enough that you can wander around on your own and find your old best friends, or your new ones. Never once have I lost a group of friends and not seen them until Monday, or never had a friend on the dance floor. – Hannah



9. Welcome to your new playlist! Get excited that you might not know two-thirds of the list and take the opportunity to do a bit of research on these “new” artists! When you follow your ears you are always delighted! – Caitlin

10. Being from the states, I don’t get to see the Canadian talent as often, so to have some of Canada’s finest all in one place is a real gem for me. – Josh


11. The line-up is always so impressively curated, and everyone who’s booked to play always brings their A game. No matter if it’s big international headliners, or emerging local talent, Bass Coast is a festival that inspires an atmosphere of creativity that really pushes artists to showcase their best, and maybe even bring something special. – Ian

12. Not to be outshined by the musical acts are the PERFORMANCE ARTISTS – dance troupes like Subscura and Luciterra take you outside the box and push your sensory experience to the next level. – Lauren


13. The elevation and support of up-and-comers in western Canada… seeing close friends progress as artists and then be able to showcase their talent in such a supported setting makes my heart grow three sizes. – Hannah

14. How cool is it that the co-creator of the festival herself headlines and KILLS it every year!? I think that alone makes Bass Coast unique. – Charissa


15. The sunrise sets are always soooo good — I love those magical early morning hours at a festival. Whether it be Michael Red, Lazy Syrup Orchestra, Sabo, Random Rab, or Bassos Rancheros — Bass Coast always has something good in store for your early AM. – Ian



16. Bass Coast is an incredibly safe and welcoming atmosphere to get “lost” in, so let yourself take some solo missions, say hi to strangers and exchange stories. For an entire weekend you live in the same city as so many amazing people that you mostly don’t get to see all year round. Super crews unite!  – Caitlin

17. Pure freedom of expression. Letting your inner child bloom. “Set Yo Pussy Free.” – Willow


18. The Bass Coast App! It’s slick, easy to use, and it helps you customize your experience with all the must-knows. I hear there’s some new features launching this year! *hint hint* – Charissa  

19. Cantina stage bar!!! How magical is it that we can go get caesars, locally brewed beer, and even fancy cocktails for pretty reasonable prices… and it comes with a nice shady dancefloor and river breezes? So much yes. – Hannah

20. The stress-free accessibility and processing of entering the festival. I love how easy, quick and professional entering and leaving the festival is. – Willow

basscoast_stages_and_art_08 (1)

21. The details. I’ve gone to festivals that just don’t care about the fine little things. From where the garbage cans are placed, to drinking water stations, the flow of the festival just makes sense! – Charissa

22. We generally work like maniacs in our regular lives and don’t normally spend big chunks of time with all our best friends and best music in the woods dancing our buns off. When you make your way to a place that is curated for fun, adventure, creativity, sense-tickling and mind expanding, you really get to sit back and say “hey, I earned this, this is really special.” – Caitlin

basscoast_stages_and_art_19 (1)

23. Interactive installations are located where you have to walk amongst the art, so you never miss the hard work and amazing talent put into every nook & cranny of the venue grounds. – Willow


24. The vendors are sooooo good! By far the best selection of food options I’ve ever seen at a festival. – Charissa

25. The cleanest fucking porta potties at any festival ever! Straight up. – Willow

26. Bass Coast always reinvents itself. No matter how many times you go it’s always fresh! The infrastructure, art, everything just gets better every time. I remember when Radio was a tiny little stage off of the vendors area… look how far that’s come. All the stages get rebuilt and re-imagined every year. This goes for the whole fest in general — you just never quite know what the next edition is going to be like. – Ian



27. It’s a Community: You get to surround yourself with the best of the best weirdos who are open, authentic & accepting. – Nancy

28. Bass Coast is like my personal version of Christmas where I get to see so many of my favourite people in one place together. It’s like this confluence of like-minded humans from all across BC (and beyond!) – Hannah

basscoast_the_people_03 (1)

29. Authenticity. You can really tell people feel empowered by just being themselves at Bass Coast. It helps that it’s such a non-judgemental environment. – Josh

30. Bass Coast aka Babe Coast! A weekend full of amazing humans dressing in their best outfits, costumes and god/goddess regalia! It’s so amazing looking around and seeing your friends & family express themselves in the form of costume art & style. – Nancy


31. When we talk about Babe Coast we are talking equal opportunity babeliness – as in, every single person that steps on site instantly goes into full babe mode. That is the magic of Babe Coast. Come as you are and get your love on! – Lauren



32. Um… IT’S SPACE THEMED. The sky is literally the limit here. Getting ready might just be half the fun! – Caitlin

33. I was really wondering how they were going to top last year’s theme — like, “Okay, Bass Coast, how are you going to top friggin GOLD as a friggin theme?!” ….BAM! Space. That’s how. – Lauren


34. Bass Coast is one of the few festivals (that I know of?!) that has a yearly theme. And everyone goes balls out for it! Love seeing the amazingly creative costumes, art installations, and stage design! – Kristin

35. The yearly theme is so cool and creative. Every year I anticipate the art and visual displays planned out by Co-founder, Liz. She kills it every time! – Charissa



36. THE JPOD GROUP HUG! Every year, I shed a tear. – Charissa


basscoast_the-year_before_last_32 (1)

38. Sweet river floats! – Charissa

39. MAGIC. – Willow

40. Bass Coast is just the best! – Kristin

41. Twerkshops. Tacos. PK SOUND. What more d’ya want? It’s friggin’ Bass Coast! – Lauren



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