Interview// Smalltown DJs Are Back With The Magic

SmalltownDJs-JustinMartin-WaxMedia Photo cred: Wax Media Photo

The Smalltown DJs have brought their epic Mountain Magic Tour back through Canada with a bunch of Dirtybird friends in tow. Catch them on their remaining dates: March 16 in Vancouver, March 18 in Whistler, and March 31 in Saskatoon with Justin Martin and Christian Martin.

To get your party levels set to high, we asked 1/2 of Smalltown DJs, Pete, a couple cheeky questions on what’s been happening in SMTDJ world.

What’s the smallest town you’ve ever played in?

This is a great question!  Tofino maybe?  Fernie?  Technically Salmo only has 1000 residents 😉

Where did the idea for the Magic Mountain tour initially come from?

We are avid snowboarders and thought it would be epic to do a mountain run where we hit every hill.  I still can’t believe we made it happen, but these towns are insanely fun and the people are so stoked to party, it’s a no-brainer for us.  The guests we bring are always blown away by the crowd energy.  


This is the 5th Mountain Magic Tour. What’s your favorite part of the tour?

The camaraderie is awesome.  We get to catch up with lots of old friends in the mountains and DJ with some of our favourite people.  It’s inspiring.  

Do you believe in Magic? Have you ever experienced magic?

I believe in magic.  I experience it every day.  

How did you guys first meet Christian and Justin Martin? We bet there’s a great story behind it!

We met at Soundwave Festival (RIP) on Vancouver Island, at 10am around a campfire drinking whiskey, so pretty standard really.  

What kind of epic musical endeavors can we expect to see in 2017?

We have a release coming up next week on Fools Gold that we are excited about.  And also one on Psycho Disco in March as well.  And also a couple bootleg giveaways ready to giveaway as well.  2017 is looking great.  


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