I Took My Mom To A SkiiTour Show And…

WORDS: Lauren DeGaine

PHOTOGRAPHY: Xavier Photography

I took my mom to a SkiiTour show, and she had a friggin blast.

Last weekend, Reliable Entertainment threw one of their unforgettable parties. Mykee MacNeil, a veteran member of Victoria’s bass music scene, is one of the city’s best homegrown promoters. This time he was at it again, selling out Sugar Nightclub for the Winter Apréskiation Party featuring Father Funk, DeFunk and SkiiTour.


Now, the equation “Mom+SkiiTour = Love” may seem like a no-brainer to some of our readers. However, I was a little nervous! It was her first electronic music show, and added into the mix was my crazy band of awesome raver weirdos. There was a chance she might be a bit overwhelmed, but something (maybe the fact that she has dealt with me for 26 years) told me she could handle it!

This was Mom’s first time in Canada, as we are originally from California. So I wanted to show her a little slice of my life here on the island and let her experience some quintessentially BC vibes.

When I found out that the SkiiTour show coincided with her visit, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Not only is SkiiTour a West Coast bass music mainstay, but their upbeat style of production and timeless track selection also makes for a palatability that is ideal for newcomers.

We started the evening with a classic pre-party: drinks and dress-up at a friend’s house within walking distance to the club. Earlier that day, I had taken Mom out to Sooke to check out Sheringham Distillery, so we were sipping on their Seaside Gin with some juice while she met all of my friends.


I had to make sure that Mom was dressed for the occasion. We’d browsed the classic 80’s gear at The Patch, so she was decked out in a neon green and pink windbreaker with matching Chucks, and a t-shirt with the logo of our rave gang, the Awesomalots. Operation Turn Mom Into a Raver for a Night was right on schedule.

Our group of neon-clad hooligans made the chilly walk to Sugar, and when we got inside, Father Funk was just starting up his set. After a round of B-52’s, our group accosted the dance floor. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start this momventure than a group sing-a-long, and Father Funk threw down some serious classics that we all knew the lyrics too, interspersed with some juicy drum and bass. As soon as we hit the dance floor, Mom was getting her groove on, and I suddenly remembered where I get my bodacious moves from.

I headed over to the merch booth to snag some swag and was getting ready to pay the guy for my SkiiTour and “Never too Drunk to Funk” t-shirts when Mom stopped me short.

“Wait! Wait! I want one, too!”

Really?” I asked. “That’s amazing.” I turned back to the merch guy, “My mother would like a SkiiTour t-shirt.” She picked one out and I handed the guy some cash.

As the club started to get packed we staked a claim on some real estate on the balconies so we could have some dancing room and still see the action. A couple rounds of Lucky’s later and Defunk, the arbiter of all things funkalicious, was starting his set.


Somewhere around this time, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my boyfriend and mother having a serious bro-down. I’m talking arms around each other, both of them a little buzzed, heads leaned in to talk to each other over the music, the whole 9 yards bro-down. It was one of those classically adorable moments where you discreetly tap everyone on the shoulder and make them turn around to check it out.

Then SkiiTour came on to take the epic party that had manifested to the next level. Their quintessential sound was on full display: hip-hop-infused house and funk delights with the occasional heavier, darker track thrown in. When they dropped Flume feat. Tove Lo’s “Say It,” I had to drop everything and have a me-moment. I ran down from the balcony and parked myself in the front row to get in a little dance therapy.

My goal for the evening was that we’d stay out long enough to get blasted by the snow machine’s wintery magic at least once, but the guest of honor was dancing her little mom butt off and she wanted to stick it out to the end.


After the 30-minute double encore slash love fest (I don’t think anybody wanted the Apréskiation Party to end, DJ’s and promoters included) we headed out into the night to hail a taxi.

Mom and I spent the next day eating cheeseburgers in bed with the mattress pulled in front of the living room TV (a classic post-night-out-recovery-mode maneuver for me). When I dropped her off at the airport at the end of her trip, she had her SkiiTour t-shirt tucked away in her luggage, ready for her to rep down in Southern California.

There isn’t much better than creating some special moments for the woman who raised ya. Getting to share my love of music and my amazing community of friends with my madre was the cherry on top of a magical SkiiTour sundae.


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