How to Dress (Coolio) For A SkiiTour Show

WORDS: Lauren DeGaine

PHOTOGRAPHY: Phoenix Flash,  Xavier Photography, Agata Raymond Photography

Everybody knows that there ain’t no party like a West Coast party ‘cause a West Coast party don’t stop… And if that’s the case, then the fellas of SkiiTour throw West Coast parties no matter where they are on the globe. This weekend, Reliable Entertainment is bringing the duo to the Victoria streets so we can feel their beat with the help of Defunk and Father Funk.


Part of why there ain’t no party like a SkiiTour party is because of the built-in costume theme: whether it’s Tight and Bright on The Slopes, Aprés-Ski Ghetto Glam, or Snow Bunny – a simple trip to your local vintage or thrift store is all it takes to get in on the fun.

Personally, I’ll be raiding The Patch’s giant wall of neon windbreakers. Braving the depths of the basement to rummage through your parents’ stock of actual 80’s gear is always a good play. And if you’re feeling faint just thinking about wearing snow gear to a club show – no worries! Grab a pair of ski goggles, and you’re good to go!

Check out our mini-gallery for fashion inspiration, then get your women (and men and everything in between) on the floor this Saturday, March 4th at Sugar Nightclub, cause there’s snow in the forecast!


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