How to Survive the Winter Months: Part 1

WORDS: Kalisi Luv & Murphy Gold

In the winter it’s hard not to pine away for sun-kissed smiles, festival adventures and long days turned to long nights. However, Betty & Kora’s Blondetourage has you covered with some suggestions on how to survive the winter without your festival family, and the goal is: keep healthy. When people think of health they often focus on the physical aspects, however, health also includes intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual elements. In this article, we will focus on intellectual health and the things you can do to remain intellectually healthy this winter while still focusing on your festival lifestyle.


Intellectual Health

1. Work at making your dreams a reality.

We’re all a cultivating cauldron of inspirations, dreams, skills and ideas. We see it in each other, and the ones around us see it in us. But, summer is a seductive time of year when her long lashes of light are shining down on us, her summer song of endless days is whispering in our ear and even in the middle of the night she leaves the air warm to the touch. Sometimes we get so excited we don’t have time to act on those brilliant ideas that blossom as a product of having the time of our lives; sometimes it’s hard even remembering what we dreamt up on those silky sun-kissed summer days. What’s the remedy?

Bass Coast 2016 - LKY Images-54

During the summer, write things down and during the winter branch out, doodle, ask for opinions, find resources or build connections and nurse these plans until you can make it happen! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to create art for Bass Coast Festival, or be a part of an art car collaboration at Burning Man. Whatever it is, winter is the perfect time to set those plans into motion. Having something to look forward to or a project in action can shine light on dark snow-scrunched days and result in the rhyme and rhythm and sunrise-to-sunrise adventures that then surely give birth to, well, even more incredible concepts and ever-bearing inspirations. The circle of… eternal inspiration?


2. Plan your next adventure

Pick a place, whether it’s traveling to a new country or festival, and start planning now. Do your research. Websites like tripadvisor are excellent ways to find out if your dream destination is really all you’ve desired it could be.Ask the Facebook Hive what suggestions they have, or check out Fest300 for a list of the top 300 festivals in the world for ideas. Go solo. If you’ve never done it before, I would strongly suggest solo travel if your purpose is to discover yourself. If not, invite friends. Start putting your travel ideas out there and see who bites. My most favourite adventures were with new friends so you never know what might happen if you leave things up to fate.


Find accommodation. These days there are tons of options available, such as hostels (we suggest, Air BnB, cruises (Life Before Work Travel) and hotels ( You can book a bed in a hostel or even an entire house depending on how many pals you want to bring along with you. Try to find the cheapest deal you can by e-mailing the accommodation directly as I have found this to be the best way to get the best price. You’re a photographer or blogger? Let them know and you can often get a discount for writing about them and/or taking photos. Book Flights. It’s a bit easier to purchase things like flights in the winter months since you are most likely spending less money than you do when it’s summer fun time so I love using google flights to find the cheapest days to fly to my chosen destination. Save. Now it’s time to save! Stay tuned for our next article when we give you some tips on the best ways to save your cash!


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