Five Questions with Autograf

1. How many places have you actually left your autograph?

Its kinda like one of those jokes that we get when interacting with people “Autograf can I get your autograph.” So I would say way more than I can count but at every show we try to meet new people and take that time to sign anything so with every show it’s always increasing.

2. If you saw a ninja, pirate and bear wrestling, who do you think would win?

If it was a fight, the Ninja, but for straight wrestling the bear.

3. What are your Top 5 influencers in your life? This doesn’t have to be musical.

I would say the biggest influences in terms of Autograf has been each other the way the 3 of us influence each other, for the other 2 I would have to give it up to parents and siblings.


4. You appear to like canned soup. What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever dipped into your soup?

I like the classic tomato with a grilled cheese sandwich to dip

5. What has been your biggest game changer in your career? That fuck yes moment for you.

Everything has always kinda been a journey for us so can’t say there has ever been that one moment but just anytime we take the time to reflect on what we have accomplished feels like a fuck yes moment.

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