5 Apps for Festival Lovers

WORDS: Diamond Grant

Festivalgoers are beginning to see the positive impact certain apps can have on their time away. We’ve compiled a list of five incredibly useful apps that will help you make the most of your festival experiences. From event information to health and your personal music collection, we’ve brought you the cream of the crop.



FestEvo allows you to check out artists’ songs via a built-in SoundCloud widget, showcasing music for specific festival lineups. It also has a function enabling users to organize camps and get involved in group chats so that all preparations can be made efficiently in one place where festival information is at hand. FestEvo allows users to review and research events, making it easier for the public to understand which is right for them and what to expect from the festival. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Battery HD

Battery HD is simply a must-have. Most smartphones can be pretty vague when it comes to displaying accurate battery usage. This app takes away the panic of your phone dying on you, which would be catastrophic to your usage of the other four apps recommended on this post! It also gives data on how much battery you have remaining for specific activities such as using maps or games. The basic version is free, but Battery HD+ offers more alerts and complex data. This app is available on both Android and iOS.


Express VPN

At festivals, hundreds—if not thousands—of other people will be using their mobiles, tablets and laptops. Most of us are interested in having a good time, enjoying the music, arts, food and community feel of a festival, but unfortunately, it’s times like these that hackers thrive. Attendees’ attentions will be on the entertainment, not on protecting their information and activity while using apps and the internet. This is where Express VPN comes in handy. Through using a secure connection, you sidestep most dangers that other unprotected device users aren’t aware of. Hackers will concentrate on low-hanging fruit, so just make sure you’re not part of that crowd!


SoundHound will listen to any song or audio and almost instantly tell you what the song is. It will save the music to your list of favorites, which can be imported with one tap to your Spotify account! Playback includes full videos with lyrics, so you can enjoy a karaoke session with your friends in camp before heading off to see your favorite bands play. Browsing is fully functional while music plays in the background, and you can sample curated playlists of songs similar to those that you’ve saved. You can get the app on Android and iOS for free or upgrade to avoid those pesky advertisements.



Let’s face it; most of us end up a little worse for wear at festivals. There are high points and low points, but to ensure we feel as good as we can at any given moment, the WaterIn app comes to our aid. WaterIn works via the user setting how many glasses of water he or she would like to drink per day and then sends out alerts throughout the day to remind the user to drink more water. You can set glass sizes and amounts daily, which means you can tailor everything to your activities on a given day. For example, if you know the weather is going to be very hot and you’re going to see your favorite band, you’ll most likely sweat lots from having fun and the weather. You can set your intake amount to counter your water loss. WaterIn is available for free on Android and iOS.

Author bio: Diamond is an avid festival fan who enjoys finding new ways to enhance her experiences at events. She also loves discovering fresh music to add to her already booming collection.

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