Six Brrr-illiant Festivals To Check Out During Winter

WORDS: Betty & Ann

Festivals aren’t just for summer anymore. Living on the left-hand side of America’s Hat aka the West Coast of Canada, we look for festival destinations that allow us to travel – like a heat-seeking Koala or mischievous Arctic Fox. We’re either looking to escape from one end of season spectrum to the other. Here is our top 6 list of winter festivals we love and think all of our readers should consider hitting up in the not so distant future.


Wine shots at WSSF

Festival #1 & #2 – Canada

What: World Ski and Snowboard Fest

Where: Whistler

When: April 7-16, 2017

Why: Straight up, if you love to shred and celebrate mountain culture like we do, this is a 10 day long celebration of music, mountains, culture, sport and art that should be on your fest-dar and you should book some time off for. Your hangover will thank us later. We’ve attended the past two years and are blown away by the amount of epic FREE events that you can cruise around and enjoy on your own time. Free outdoor concerts in the day and early evening, an absolutely incredible art showcase at the Conference Centre, and ticketed events like the 72 Hour Filmmaker Contest, shows at local bars/clubs, silent disco and tons of other crazy stuff. Make sure to spend a few days riding, enjoying the spring snow, insane views and ski/board competitions. The tagline isn’t ‘Party in April, Sleep in May,’ for no reason.


Photo courtesy of Snowbombing Canada’s Facebook

What: Snowbombing Canada

Where: Sun Peaks Resort

When: April 6-10, 2017

Why: 2017 marks the FIRST EVER Snowbombing in Canada at one of our fave resorts to visit: Sun Peaks. Now, you probably recognize the name, with the OG Snowbombing being held over the pond in Europe for many years. We’re STOKED to have this acclaimed event coming to Canada, with a STACKED lineup and a few surprises up their sleeve. Anything that combines music with snow we’re suckers for and are HYPED to check our year #1 a few months from now. Make sure to check out their comprehensive website to book your trip ASAP.


Photo courtesy of Bamboo Bass’ Facebook

Festival #3 & #4 – Costa Rica

What: Bamboo Bass Festival

Where: Jaco, Costa Rica

When: February 17-19, 2017

Why: THE HYPE IS REAL. The oncoming threat of a sunburn is also rea! In its’ second year, the event boasts a MASSIVE LINEUP of international bass artists from literally all over the world. Offering a festival site that is near the beach, in the jungle and a close car ride to the town of Jaco, there are an insane list of daytime adventures that you can check out: surfing, hiking, visiting historic sites, horseback riding, diving, rafting, ziplining…the list goes on. At night, slap those party pants on and get ready for world-class bass music, stunning stages and art installations and bumping into familiar faces.


The Funk Hunters at Envision 2015

What: Envision

Where: Uvita, Costa Rica

When: February 23-26, 2017

Why: Kora + Ann traveled to Envision back in 2015 and they can confirm it is one hell of a magical experience! There were sacred cacao ceremonies illuminated only by a fire, introspective tea- ceremonies in a pirate ship, all night dance parties to a plethora of artists from all over the world, not to mention the conscious and thought-provoking workshops to massage your mind, body, and soul. Read about their experience and check out the pictures here!


Photo courtesy of Wonderfruit’s Facebook

Festival #5 – Thailand

What: Wonderfruit

Where: Pattaya, Thailand

When: February 16-19, 2017

Why: If you’re feeling up to a new experience and real BIG adventure then Wonderfruit is for you. Their lineup is fresh and they have a ton of alternate festival experience for you to partake in. There is a fully functioning farm on-site at the festival for example, and numerous activities for children as it is a family-friendly festival. Wonderfruit also has an in-house speaker series called Scratch Talks that features individuals from all over, converging to share their voice and ideas.


Photo Credit Spiral Photography

Festival #6 – Australia

What: Earth Frequency Festival

Where: Ivory’s Rock, South-East Queensland

When: February 17-20, 2017

Why: If there was ever a reason to save that hard earned cash and make it all the way down under, this would be it! It’s pretty well known that Canadians and Australians get along like two peas in a fricken pod and the incredible lineup for Earth Freq reads like something you’d see here on the West Coast. In addition to the dope AF music lineup, the ‘Freq puts a lot of emphasis on the arts and has plenty of visionary, performance and decor/installation art up happening at the festival for you to sink your eyes into. Take away all of that – you’re still camping in one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth.


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