Betty & Kora + The Babe Brigade: Best of 2016

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion “Best of” countdown? It’s a great way to reflect on what an awesome year 2016 was despite all the celebrity deaths and impending world doom a la Donald Trump. 2016 was again another top-notch year for the adventures of Betty & Kora and our incredible team of contributors and friends aka The Babe Brigade.

Here is what tickled our fancies and stood out as highlights of 2016!

Kalisi Luv – Contributor

Track: “I Don’t Think So” – Ben Phipps

Ever been in one of those relationships you just know won’t work out but despite your intuition you can’t help but love them anyways? This song hit home for a lot of my girls this year and it’s summary vibes made each of us feel a little bit better and a little more hopeful.

Album: Crush Me – K. Flay 

I first fell in love with K. Flay thanks to Louis and the Child’s “It’s Strange” and with her new EP out I have fallen deeper for her sultry voice and genuinely raw lyrics.  

Artist: Goldroom

My crush began with the song “Embrace” and bloomed into a full on love affair after seeing the live show in Vancouver for my 31st birthday. If you have a chance to see Goldroom on stage make sure to buy tickets! In the meantime, you can download some of his amazing mixes on Soundcloud! 

Festival: Boomtown Fair, UK.

What an amazing experience! Hands down the most epic festival I have ever been to. Find out more in my article which includes the full details!

Boomtown 2016 Press Images Hi Res (70 of 166)

Boomtown Fair

Festival Highlight: Rifflandia Festival

“Go with the flow” was my motto on the Friday night when I fluttered from friend group to venue all night long and had the most amazing time with the most amazing people. The one thing I love about local festivals is that you are never ‘alone’ for longer than a minute and things often just have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes going solo is what opens you up to the best experiences.

Remix: “Heal Me” – Arctic Lake (SpectraSoul Remix) 

The moment my best friend played this track at Tall Tree Music Festival this year I fell in love and it immediately became our new song because friendships are forever and so is my love for drum and bass.  Friends and music are what heal me.

Mix: Hydration Mix Series #7 – Mt. Doyle

“Quite possibly one of the sexiest drum and bass mixes ever recorded.” As you know I am admittedly one of his biggest fans but this mix is, hands down, my most favourite mix of all. After “Heal Me” he drops “The Night Is Still Young” by Ownglow and I am bouncing all over the place! I definitely played this on repeat for weeks, enjoy!

Betty aka Emmalee – Cofounder 

Track: “What If I Go”- Mura Masa

Album: We got it from here…thank you 4 your service – A Tribe Called Quest

Artist: Bay Ledges

Festival: Boogaloo

Festival Highlight: Turning into a Sandwich

Remix: “Can’t Hide” – Whethan (feat. Ashe)

Mix: Pleasansations Vol 5 – Neon Steve



Lauren DeGaine – Contributor

Track: “Say It” – Flume (ft. Tove-Lo).

First of all, this is WAY too hard, and I kind of hate you for making me do it… I picked this one ‘cause Tove-Lo is my spirit animal and her vocals will set off your smoke alarm; mostly I love the variety of remixes this track inspired (check out Anna Lunoe’s, Stwo’s and Illenium’s!)

Album: Epigram – GramatikGood Will PrevailGriz1984 – Russ Liquid Test

Yes, I am a cheater. No, I will not apologize.

Artist: Moontricks

It should go without saying that everyone on the Westwood Recordings label is amazing, but seeing these guys live is also fun, dynamic, and engaging.


Motion Notion

Festival: Astral Harvest.

This off-the-beaten-path underdog of a festival (where you can have fires at your campsite!) was the first of our season, and it started it off right with some of the best people, music, and stages of the summer.

Festival Highlight: OMG SO HARD – Richie Rich’s sunrise set at Shambhala? Getting 5am head scratchies by the bonfire at Motion Notion? Getting to be on a volunteer crew of hardcore babes at Bass Coast? ………… It has to be all the amazing new friends I made and people I got to work with.

Remix: Show Me Love -Hundred Waters (SkiiTour Remix)

This song is festival season in a bottle: 1 part sunrises and dancefloors, 1 part riverside lounging, 2 parts gin and juice, and 10 parts cuddle-puddles with the fam.

Mix: Live @ Bloom October 2016 Mix – Meowmix

I dare you not to wiggle your booty! Put this mix on during a chill night at the casa hanging out with some friends (or by yourself ‘cause no one will hang out with you ‘cause you cheat on surveys.)

Brett Fillmore – Contributor

Track: “Ultralight Beam” – Kanye West

Raise your hands and say hallelujah.

Album: “22, A Million” – Bon Iver

Is there an album in recent memory that has been this weird while being this universally loved? Is there an artist in recent memory that has changed his sound this drastically from album to album and become only more endearing?

Artist: Colouring BookChance the Rapper

Colouring Book is a game changer; the Magnificent Coloring World Tour was innovative. His ESPYs performance was inspiring; he was a major contributor on all the best parts of The Life of Pablo. This guy is carrying a very important torch right now.

Festival: Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Fest campground is one of Canada’s hidden cultural gems.

Festival Highlight: Arcade Fire closing out Saturday at WayHome with “Wake Up”.


Remix: “You’re The Best” – Wet (Cyril Hahn remix)

Hahn’s remixes are unconventional, so they’re hit and miss. This one is a 100% certified jam.

Mix: “Babel New York Mix” – Timo Jahns

This will take you to a place.

Anne aka Lauren – Content Manager

Track: We Can Talk – Satin Jackets (feat. Emma Brammer)

This song was everywhere for me in 2016. Someone always had this in their set, on at a party, in the car or getting ready to go out. I have a lot of good feelings and good memories associated with it.

Album: Bloom – Rufus Du Sol

I saw Rufus at a festival in Australia right before I came back to Canada and was blown away. They dropped their album Bloom not too long after and it was on repeatedly throughout the year, culminating in me finally seeing them again in Vancouver a few months ago. It was magical and full of Australians.


Boogaloo buddies


I saw these guys for the first time, multiple times last year and fell in love/ got blown away. They’re going to be huge. Watch out.

Festival: Boogaloo

What a magical community of people throwing a wonderful festival just outside of Cali. My first fest of 2016 and it did not disappoint.

Festival Highlight: Going full sandwich at Boogaloo and the Pumpkin tribute set by Everyman at Shambhala. Lots of tears but also closure.

Remix: Say It -Flume (ft. Tove-Lo) [Anna Lunoe Remix]

Another huge song for 2016 from a big artist.

Mix: Best of 2016 Mixtape – Smalltown DJs

It’s got all the top jams from the year, what more could you want!

Kora aka Roco – Cofounder

Track: “Una Massive Sunshine” – Astrocolor 

I dare you to listen to this song and not fall in love with it.

Album: A Sailor’s Guide to Earth – Sturgill Simpson 

Simply beautiful.

Artist: Alina Baraz

I went all the way to Lightning in a Bottle to see her. It was worth it!

Festival: Lightning in a Bottle



Festival Highlight: Watching the sunrise on a mountain top at Lightning in a Bottle with Kiara’s track Gold blasting in the background and Bingo posse beside me. M A G I C

Remix: Asleep On The Bus – Bestie (Wmnstudies Remix)

MixtapeShambhala 2016 Mix – DJ Soup | Spring Mix 2016 – Pigeon Hole

If you are not already downloading this mans stellar mixtapes you are doing it wrong!

Gotta throw one out there for those Pigeon Hole gents too.

Murphy Gold – Contributor

Track: “Redbone” – Childish Gambino 

This song just gets me so good. Thank you Mr. Gambino for spitting out such a weird groovy song right at the tail end of the year.

Album: Good Will PrevailGriz

The guy just keeps pumping out the best of the best, every angle, from one end of the spectrum to the other. He can play a melody so beautiful it will sedate you in lucid dreams, to cracking down on a beat that will make you throw your hair back and grit your teeth.  

Artist: Nicola Cruz

What a gem discovery. Beautiful, instrumental, versatile, global, well-produced, timeless, relaxing. Throw on a mix, an album, shuffle up some songs, it all flows.

Festival: Boogaloo

No Words. Go there.

Festival Highlight: When you have a REAL LIVE goose hanging out true homie style in your cow-themed campsite having a jam session as the sun rises, and it somehow feels normal…you know that you’re in a special place with some special people.

Remix: This Is How We Walk On The Moon – José González (Thomas Jack Remix)

Jose González is a classic, and leave it to the king of tropical house to bring it back and slip into the mainstream again as a hit. I love a good blend like this, it’s a beautiful marriage, it really is.

Mix: Sunset Art Tour – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2016 – Skrillex 

Oh God.




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