Bamboo Bass Festival Announces The Sleeveless Records Take Over

Bamboo Bass just announced that the Sleeveless Records Crew will be taking over the party on Sunday at La Selva Stage…which makes us want to take off our clothes and jump around naked!! NO JUDGING.


The Sleeveless Records Take Over is curated by label Founder Stylust Beats to showcase the label’s international bass artists. The Sleeveless Records roster joins international headliners: EKALI,  FALCONS, MALASPACE JESUS, ILL GATES vs KJ SAWKA, ILL ESHA, PSYMBIONIC,  MIHKAL, LIBRARIAN,  PEEP THIS, and LOST CITY.

“We are stoked to announce that Bamboo has partnered up with Stylust Beats & Sleeveless Records for a Sunday takeover of La Selva Stage at Bamboo 2017,” comments Jordy Grant, Festival Director. “An ambassador for west coast bass music, constantly pushing the envelope, Stylust Beats has been making waves in the scene for years with his original productions, legendary live sets, and collaborations with Bassnectar. With his Sleeveless Records project he has become a true tastemaker, with a sixth sense for signing the hottest west coast artists well ahead of the curve.”

Founded by Stylust Beats in 2014, Sleeveless Records is a bass-heavy electronic music label with deep roots in hip hop. Based in LA, Sleeveless curates and develops the spread of “West Coast Bass” while constantly pushing the boundaries of sound with each release.

“We at Sleeveless Records are extremely excited to be collaborating with Bamboo Bass Festival in Costa Rica to bring festival goers a unique, bass-heavy experience unlike any they’ve had before,” comments Stylust Beats. “After performing at the first ever Bamboo last year, I became inspired to get involved and help take this young festival to the next level. We are bringing some of the most influential bass producers and raddest humans in the game to showcase their talent on PK sound at the Sleeveless Records La Selva Stage Sunday takeover at Bamboo Bass. February can’t come soon enough.”

“Stylust Beats love for quality bass music can easily be seen in the roster he has handpicked for his takeover,” comments Grant. “Featuring heavyweights Truth and Buku, rising stars Conrank, Perkolator, Shlump, BOGL & Pigeon Hole, as well as the promising talent of tomorrow with Kowta, Subsonic Drops, and Costa Rican all star J Leon, this showcase flexes heavy on the low end and shows off some of the best elements bass music has to offer.”

Bamboo Bass is a musical project designed to gather bass music culture’s most talented artists, performers, and designers to create an environment focused on unique stage designs, quality sound systems, and high calibre artistic performances. The 3-day event brings participants from around the globe to Jaco Costa Rica to join together in building an atmosphere of sharing, inclusion and celebration while revelling in world-class bass music, live painting and art exhibits, dance and flow performers in unique stage environments.

Bamboo Bass Festival is hosted February 17-19, 2017, Jaco, Costa Rica. Tickets to Bamboo Bass Festival on sale now:

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