Five Burning Questions with Five Alarm Funk

Disclaimer: For the record, if we were ever trapped on a desert island, we’d like to be stuck with FAF. We’d get an interesting education. 

The members of Five Alarm Funk have been bringing the heat for as long as we can remember. They are one of those iconic groups that until you see them live, you simply aren’t doing them (or yourself) any justice. On Thursday, November 10th, get your ass down to The Imperial (319 Main St, Vancouver), so that you can experience what it feels like to set your own shoes on fire. We had the chance to ask FAF 5 burning questions, and we’re especially excited that we finally uncovered who each of them would be if they were a Muppet. Respect.

If you were each a character from the muppets, which one would you be?

Tayo Branston – Animal

Gabriel Boothroyd – Floyd Pepper

Oliver Gibson – Gonzo

Thomas Towers – Lew Zealand

Kent Wallace- Rizzo

Eli Bennet – Kermit The Frog

Jay Smith – Beaker

Carl Julig – Pepe The King Prawn


There is a striking resemblance isn’t there? 

In our opinion, you guys are one of the best live shows we’ve seen over the years. In your minds, what gives you that ‘leg-up’ over other bands, because your live show is the BOMB.

I think its always been the genuine pure fun the band has on stage. That fun is derived from hours of rehearsal tightening all the musical screws so that when we do hit the stage, you’re not thinking parts, you’re in the moment and enjoying the music and the audience. We’ve worked endlessly on coordinating moves so the show does not only sound tight but looks tight as well.

Five Alarm has been together for a long time. Aside from music, what binds you together?

A legal partnership! HA!!! 🙂

FAF has grown so much over the years and gone through so much together that it is a feeling of family. We continuously write, rehearse and brainstorm to succeed as a unit. Travelling great distances together in tight confines bonds the unit even more so. We all plan our moves with the band in the forefront of the mind. its the passion for music and to succeed together that keeps us all in check and on the same page.

Your show at the Imperial is in just a few days. In a haiku, please describe what you are looking forward to.

FUNK at its finest

FUNK in the heart and on stage

FUNK for all to hear


Whats next for Five Alarm? 

We have just finished recording our 6th studio record. It is by far the greatest work we have ever done!! We’re planning a major Canadian album release tour in Spring 2017 and a run down the USA west coast. This will be followed up with relentless summer festival run. We’re going full steam ahead with a game plan to take FAF beyond borders and really make an impact in the world of music!

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