Symbiosis Stands in Solidarity With Water Protectors In Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline

In support of the water protectors of Standing Rock’s movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Symbiosis and a global consortium of events will donate $2.50 from every experience pass to 2017’s Oregon Eclipse to the Honor The Earth foundation. Oregon Eclipse attendees have helped raise over $20k in support of the cause, generated from sales in over 60 different countries.

The Honor the Earth foundation was established in part by environmental protection advocate Winona LaDuke. Honor the Earth creates awareness and support for Native environmental and community issues using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom, and asking people to recognize their shared dependency on the Earth.


Winona LaDuke participated in Symbiosis Gathering as a workshop speaker and panelist during the four day arts and music festival in Oakdale, CA in September of 2016.

A video of the panel can be found here:

Symbiosis strives to encourage its community to participate in and protect the natural world, and will make it the focal point of their next production, Oregon Eclipse 2017. Travellers, dreamers, explorers, from all walks of life, and already more than 60 countries, will gather under the path of the first total solar eclipse viewable in North America since 1979. It will represent a rare and profound moment of unity and collective observation of the power of the natural world in today’s modern society.

In Symbiosis Gathering co-producer Kevin KoChen’s own words:

“As we build excitement for one of the most amazing spectacles in nature, a different environment is afoot at Standing Rock. While we understand that there are many nuanced issues in play, we stand in solidarity and support this movement mobilizing to protect the Earth from unfettered corporate interests.

For every pass sold to Oregon Eclipse 2017 from now until Nov 11, we will be donating $2.50 to Winona LaDuke’s Honor The Earth foundation. We are honored by their acceptance of our offering and hope to support their efforts so that sacred sites and water for all peoples may be protected.”

View Matthew Smith’s first video from Standing Rock here:

In 2017, North America will bear witness to the first total solar eclipse to traverse the continent since 1979. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Symbiosis Gathering is calling upon leading members of the international festival community to co-produce Oregon Eclipse 2017. Oregon will be the only state on the West Coast to experience the eclipse and the first in North America, and the site will provide an incredible backdrop for this majestic event with a 52 acre swimmable freshwater lake, rolling hills, wooded groves and a vast grassy plain – an idyllic container for the music, art, exploration and education that has come to define the Symbiosis experience.

Global Eclipse Gathering is made up of 11 festivals spanning around the world including Bass Coast Festival (Canada), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Noisily Festival of Music and Arts (UK), Festival Ometeotl (Mexico), Origin Festival (S. Africa), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Re:birth Festival(Japan), Symbiosis Gathering (California), and Universo Paralello Festival(Brazil)!

Super Duper Early Bird tickets for Oregon Eclipse 2017 are on-sale now through November 11th. Symbiosis Gathering will donate $2.50 for every pass sold during this time to the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline construction.

More Information On Standing Rock, And How To Help:

More Information On Oregon Eclipse 2017:

Purchase Experience Passes For Oregon Eclipse 2017

*Super Duper Earlybird Passes On-Sale Through November 11

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