LBW: The 5 People You Will Meet on YachtLife

WORDSKalisi Luv ❤ #SpreadingTheLuv

You made it! You booked your #LBWYachtLife Tour with Life Before Work, flew to your pickup destination in Split, Croatia and now you’re ready to meet your new shipmates. You arrive at the meeting location near the harbour, grab a beer, and spot two baby blue tanks boasting “Life Before Work” across the front. As you approach the smiling, sun-kissed guides a rush of excitement bubbles through your body and you know this is going to be the best week of your life.  When you watch your fellow shipmates board your new home for the rest of the week you make subtle judgments about who they are. These judgements may turn out to be true, or far from it, either way, you are most likely to meet a few of the following:


1. The Beauty Queen.  This magnificent creature is on a mission for the perfect profile photo. Watch her closely to learn how you too can get the perfect shot. Notice how she holds herself, the way she tilts her head ever so slightly and stands on tippy toes to lengthen her legs. By the end of the trip everyone will have had the chance to take a snap of her beautiful smile, and if you are lucky, she might even choose your shot to post on her instagram feed. And if you’re a girl, you’ll want to room with this one as she will have all the equipment you need to look extra hot for a night of dancing at Pink Champagne in Hvar.

2. The GoPro Guy. This guy is on it. His GoPro will be constantly filming your adventures throughout the week. So put your camera away, and let him take over so that you can savour the moment and be present instead of watching the world through a screen. However, make sure he’s got it attached to a floating device or your memories may end up at the bottom of the Blue Caves on Bisevo Island or sacrificed to Poseidon, during an epic bungee jumping excursion over the open ocean.


3. The Legend. This person will be the first one to buy everyone shots and the last one awake every night. They will perch atop the stern of the boat and appreciate every sunset and praise each sunrise. You’ll ask yourself: “how do they do it?” But after staying up all night with them you’ll truly understand him. The experience is unreal. There is nothing like dancing on the top deck of your yacht to blasting basslines while the sunrises. This will be an unforgettable moment for you; the one you tell your friends about when you return, and your kids about when they are ready to head off on their own adventures.

4. The Mom. She will make sure everyone drinks water, is slathered in sunscreen and become best pals with the kitchen so she can deliver snacks to the group. By day four she’ll have tea and honey ready for you to sooth your aching throat from dehydration and the strain of screeching with excitement. Momma Bear will be there to fend off unwanted suitors on shore and help you get home safely at night. She will also most likely be the one who checks in on you throughout the evening to make sure you’re taken care of. Make sure to hug Momma Bear extra tight on the last evening to thank her for her kindness.


5. Your New Best Friend. Your new soul, or should I say sailmate. Undoubtedly you will meet one person you just click with. This will be the friend who brings you a plate for breakfast when you are too hungover to get it yourself. The friend who gathers a search party for you when they haven’t seen you for an hour or so and notices you are missing before the boat leaves in the am. This will be the person who laughs at all your dumb jokes and shares all their secrets with you. I was lucky enough to share a room with my sailmate and hopefully you will too. Sailmate snuggles are always the best snuggles.



So enjoy the trip people, this is your chance to shine. Remember to do whatever you want, embrace each moment, and celebrate each unique person you get to share this time with. Get to know the individual personalities that make this yacht sparkle. A trip like this does not come often so make sure to mingle with your new shipmates and stay in touch, they may become your new family.

If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, the general sale for YachtLife 2017 launches on November 8, 2016 at 1pm MST, click here to #GetItGirl. If you are interested in seeing a list of yachtlife locations click here and when purchasing make sure to enter code KalisiLuv in order to receive a discount of $50 CAN off tours less than 3 weeks and $100 CAN off tours 3 weeks or longer.



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