Bamboo Bass Festival Brings The Heat


Bamboo Bass Festival just walked on stage, announced their first wave of international headliners, dropped the mic, then left. That’s how you do it ladies and gents: build a stellar lineup of the world’s finest bass artists and host it paradise. BOOM. So who’s on the roster for 2017?





The highly anticipated first wave of international headliners were hand-selected from top-tier global bass music producers, bringing together an impressive roster of electronic talent. However, the momentum is just building, with two more major announcements ahead.

“We’re hyped to welcome artists like EKALI, FALCONS, MALA, SPACE JESUS, ILL GATES, ILL ESHA and more to Bamboo 2017,” comments Jordy Grant, Director of Bamboo Bass Festival. “The interest and support from the international bass community has been incredible, and we have some pretty insane partnerships and future artist announcements coming down the pipe over the next month.”

So what’s the deal with Bamboo Bass?

It’s a musical project designed to gather bass music culture’s most talented artists, performers, and designers to create an environment focused on unique stage designs, quality sound systems, and high calibre artistic performances. The 3-day event brings participants from around the globe to Jaco Costa Rica to join together in building an atmosphere of sharing, inclusion and celebration while revelling in world-class bass music, live painting and art exhibits, dance and flow performers in unique stage environments.

Check out the killer lineup video ↓

“In our second year, we’re positioning Bamboo Bass Festival to be the premiere destination festival for bass music, culture and art in Central America,” comments Grant. “There was a major call out from the international bass community to build an event in this region, so here we are in year #2, working with an incredible team of music industry professionals from Canada, The States and Costa Rica.”

Bamboo has found a new home at the Jaco Ropes Adventure Park, accessible directly off Costanera Sur Highway 34, minutes from downtown Jaco Beach. Nestled in a canopy of ancient trees, with a path that leads participants on a 10min walk to the ocean and a popular surf break, Bamboo creates a festival experience that could only exist in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica.

“We’re offering an array of daytime activities on site including zip-line and aerial canopy tours,” comments Grant.  “We want this to feel like a vacation for our community. When the sun goes down, the space provides a welcoming environment to dance the night away in the spectacular beauty of the jungle.”

Bamboo Bass Festival is hosted February 17-19, 2017, Jaco, Costa Rica. Tickets to Bamboo Bass Festival on sale now:


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