Interview// SkiiTour: Coming To A Kid’s Birthday Party Near You

WORDS: Lauren DeGaine

SkiiTour is on a roll! After a festival-filled summer, they’ve just released their 2016 Shambhala AMPhitheatre Mix, dropped the next installment in their chill mixtapes series: “Bluebird Bliss Vol 9” AND an OG track with Def3 titled “The Original.” Amidst all this action, we had to get a little for ourselves, so B & K caught up with the fun-loving duo in this Q & A.

1. An epic summer festival season has finally come to an end! What kinds of shenanigans did you get up to? Any favorite moments?

It was a really busy summer for us for sure.  We were really stoked we got to play 2 sets at several festivals.  One of those festivals was Evolve on the east coast.  On the second night, we finished around 4am & jumped straight into the limo for the airport.  We had to play all the way across the country at Bass Coast later on that day at 11pm.  Thinking we should try and stay asleep as long as possible, we downed a couple bottles of this ‘SnoozeBerry’ flavoured ‘sleep juice’.  We jumped on the airplane and thought we were being really cheeky poaching the exit rows but as soon as we fell asleep a late boarder got on the plane kicked Tim out of her seat so he had to do the walk of shame to his seat.

A favourite moment would have to be playing The Fractal Forest for the first time.  That was a dream come true!

2. A few weeks ago you dropped your new “chill mix,” Bluebird Bliss Vol. 9. For our readers who haven’t tuned in yet, it’s a beaut featuring the likes of Gorillaz, Hundred Waters and Leisure. Do you ever play live shows in this style, and if so WHERE/WHEN? Cause I’d like to see that.

One of the craziest nights we had this past summer was at Astral Harvest where we had a massive party throwdown in the middle of the night and then played a surprise chill set at 7am.  We started out play the chill music but an hour into it everyone was starting to fade a bit so we revved it back up into disco party mode.  That set was only supposed to last 2 hours but we ended up playing until they finally pulled the plug on us around 4 hours later as we had to head to the airport.  We were pretty delirious at that point but it was well worth it.
Our dream gig is to play a chill set at Shambhala’s Livingroom Stage at noon on Saturday.
3. Speaking of mixes: the music you guys play strikes me as being very emotive. The chill stuff is very soulful and sexy, and on the upbeat side, you can always get a party started. What do you look for when you’re selecting music to play or mix?

For party sets, we are always trying to find music that is funky & makes us dance.  A lot of dance music seems pretty disposable so really try and find songs that are timeless that we think we would still want to play in 5 years or so.

4. Your fall/winter tours are coming up – your shows are known for bringing the heat to a chilly season! You guys are absolute beasts, touring throughout the year. What do you love about the grind?

 We love collecting our Aeroplan miles.  haha.  Hoping to crack that 35k club this year.   It is great getting out and seeing different parts of the world.  Plus, how many jobs do people give you booze while you are working and then cheer for you when you finish?

5. Skiitour’s Shambhala Mix is finally out! It has been highly anticipated. I always wonder why some artists release their mix and some don’t – can you give us any insight, and maybe tell us why you choose to record/release yours?

Shambhala is definitely a highlight for us and we have been releasing those mixes for the past several years it gives everyone a chance to relive that special time of the year.  It is kind of a year end for us as well as we retire a lot of songs after they appear in that mix.

6. I said goodbye to y’all on your way out of Atmosphere this year. (Me: I’ve seen you guys like 5 times this summer!!! Tim: You’re overdosin’ on Skiitour!) There were adorable kids dancing up onstage during your set. I noticed that when you played Kill the Noise/Feed Me’s “I Do Coke,” one of you was getting on the mic and adding “-a Cola” after the title lyrics. (Hilarious, btw.) Do you play all ages events very often? What is it like for you?

We don’t often play all ages events but now that you mention is we are going to start we taking bookings for kid’s birthday parties.  Rollie promises to keep the cuss words off the mic.

7. Also on the subject of fests – you played a ton of them on ‘The Rave Won’t Leave Me Alone’ tour this summer. Instead of asking which one is your favorite, we’d like you guys to describe some of them in one word:

Shambhala: Epic
Bass Coast: Babes
Astral Harvest: Sunrise
Atmosphere: Community
Motion Notion: Mountains

Check out Skiitour next time they hit your city. It’s always the party of the season. Keep on #24/7killinit, boys!

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