Riff Roll Call: The Westwood Recordings Showcase

Sipping on cold coffees yesterday in the warm September sunshine, recounting what just happened over this past summer, Nick Middleton, otherwise known as one half of The Funk Hunters, and Founder of Westwood Recordings, spoke with BK about his upcoming Westwood Showcase at the festival and why Rifflandia is without a doubt one of his favourite festivals of all time.


“As artists, we’ve played the festival for years and are huge fans of the vibe and the amazing job that the Atomique crew has done curating this event,” comments Middleton. “It made sense to jump onboard and design a showcase of Westwood artists, since all are from BC, and the festival has done so much over the years to leverage up-and-coming talent.”

So how do you get in on the Westwood Showcase?

On Thursday night, September 15, make sure to get your butt down to Lucky Bar to check out the Westwood Recordings Showcase featuring four of the labels up-and-coming BC based artists, handpicked by Middleton to perform including: Moontricks (Kootneys), Shylow (Vancouver Island), Vespers (Vancouver Island) and DJ Wood (Vancouver).


“All four of these artists are incredible producers who are making insane music,” comments Middleton. “Moontricks have quickly become a festival favourite, we’ve played Shylow’s single at Coachella this past year, Vespers is an unparalleled producer and music educator, and DJ Wood has been a long time performer at our shows and ran Boom Town Records for many years in Victoria. There’s a lot of diversity here musically, and I hope people are as blown away by these artists as I am.”

Rifflandia is one of those 4-day-thingymajigs where you can see your favourite band and then find a bucket load of new favourite artists over the course of one extended weekend. “I love Rifflandia because it’s so unique and inclusive of everyone, including families,” says Middleton. “The hybrid model of the daytime venue at the park and the multiple night time venue locations scattered throughout the city, coupled with Victoria’s geography are the base of why this festival is so incredible. The weather is historically warm with good vibes and a diverse group of people.”

Mark Thursday’s Westwood Showcase on your calendars. The BK crew will most definitely see you there.

Here’s to another happy Rifflandia!

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