“Kora and Lauren Go To MoNo”


B and K co-founder, Kora and contributor, Lauren popped their Motion Notion cherries together at this years instalment of the whimsical Rocky Mountain festival. While there were a few things they did as a duo – like the Betty and Kora Main Stage Take-Over, a podcast with the Genesa Project  and a Sunday Funday picnic on the beach – there was just so much to see and do that they had to venture off on their own Motion Notion journeys. Experience MoNo through their eyes as they catch up and fill each other in on all the fun!
L: You and the ladies were talking about how you had a marathon get-down session at the Flociety Indie Stage!  What was your favourite set there?’
K: Early Friday evening was our first introduction the glowing white and loud sounds vibrating from the indie stage. Upon arrival my friend threw down her fanny pack and started yelling ‘Disco is alive!’. Miielz 4 Realz  was on deck and hot damn was it ever a gooder. There were many more epic dance party moments throughout the rest of the weekend held at this stage. Shout out to you FLOCIETY… Shout out to you…
L: What was the best costume/outfit/creative prop/etc. you saw?
K: The men in suits showed an unparalleled level of dedication and an inspiring unconventional approach to festival costume play, but they weren’t ALL business.  Though the comprehensive lineup of ever-changing suits was hard to miss, it was only the beginning to what they had in store. Props ranged from classy glasses of whiskey and brief cases to elaborate interactive board room meetings in pop-up bull pens complete with board room table and white boards. Hilariously led by the visuals team behind HFOUR’s Saturday night motion graphics in the Nest, this group of mad men showed the costume scene who was boss.
L: Favourite daytime activity?
There’s something incredibly unique and special about festival’s that are situated near a water source. The  Motion Notion mid day aquatic adventure cool down was a festival goers dream come true. With the choice oversized piñata’s, unicorns, swans and other colourful flotilla devices, ‘floacializing’  was always there for attendees in between  the heat of the day time parties and other epic activities. *Cough cough* Daytime parties such as the Betty and Kora takeover. Seeing JACKLNDN, Skiitour, Funkanomics, WMNSTUDIES & Shylow play back to back was a highlight of my weekend let alone day time activity!
K: What was your favourite moment?
L: So many! Dancing until the sun came up on PsyTrance Saturday. I also really loved just hanging out by the fire at the MainStage and warming up while listening to great music. I have to say my favourite moment of the weekend, though, was dancing on the bleacher in The Nest during Perkulat0r’s set. It’s my (not so) secret dream to do some gogo dancing someday so I love when stages have little areas where patrons can get up and do their thing. Perk’s set was out-of-this-world good and I was super into it so it was just a really great moment of dance therapy.
K: Favourite act?
L: 3-way tie between Aphrodite, JFB and Skuzz. It was super cool to see Aphrodite because he’s a legend, JFB is so skilled and it is super fun to watch him scratch. I really enjoyed Skuzz’s set because (even though I got kicked really hard in the shin by some doofus) it was a really different sound for the festival and he played some really excellent grimy dupstep which is my jam.



K: What was the best thing you overheard while at Motion Notion? 
L: Sooo…. This is where I admit that I have this really terrible habit/guilty pleasure of getting really absorbed into eavesdropping on couples who are yelling at each other in public. (Don’t judge me! Usually it’s not even really eavesdropping as I would have to try harder not to hear them! I just think the dynamics of interpersonal communication at that heightened state is fascinating.) This was our fourth festival in four weeks so I got to flex my eavesdropping muscles quite a bit and I was really pleasantly surprised by the lack of fighting at MoNo. I only heard one couple giving it to each other, and even then it only lasted like 5 minutes. Everyone was so happy and in such a good mood! Conflict resolution and non-violent communication vibes were strong. =)
As you can see, Kora and Lauren had a whirlwind weekend full of gorgeous mountains, incredible music, and amazing people. Motion Notion offers so much more to see and do than we were able to describe here (or even remember!), so you’ll just have to check it out when you add it to next summer’s festival bucket list.

Check out our full album below!

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