Betty and Kora’s Must Do’s At Shambhala Music Festival

Hello. Is this your first time at Shambhala? Maybe it’s your 5th…or 10th. Regardless, this place has an immense amount of weird and wonderful things to explore, see and do. To keep this easy, here are a few of our ‘must do’s’ while you’re on the farm in 2016.

1. Jump off the Shamba-log. Located across (ish) from the Livingroom Stage on the river. If you need directions, just ask. Yes, it is a log and there is a deep pool directly below it. Perfect for channeling the inner 10-year-old in you and hucking the biggest cannonball in history.
2. Go for a walk in the garden. It’s stunning, calming and beautiful. If you happen to find the sunflower man, make sure to give him some love. You cannot miss him….seriously.
3. Get your morning caffeine intake at the coffee shop. Make sure to request the special Shamb coffee art….seriously impressive.
4. When the Pagoda gets going, make sure to snag a perch on top of one of the raised platforms. It’s an incredible way to experience the music and watch the spectacle of the crowd.
5. Make a sign. Bring the sign. Be the sign.
6. Catch a sunrise set at the Living Room – the sun rising over the valley…river behind you…a bunch of your pals. Just the best.
7. Do not miss Skiitour’s winter party at the Rock Pit. Get ready to over heat in your shred gear…but it is totally worth it.
Photo cred: Xavier Walker
8. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the porta potty art is not only sometimes inspiring but is downright hilarious!

WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL ON THE FARM TOMORROW! Check out the amazing double-length Shambhala episode from our dear friend, The Festival Guy aka Tucker Gumber.


xoxo Betty and Kora

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