Our home girl Brie-Big-Buttons spoke with Andrea Graham (The Librarian), one of the Bass Coast co-founders, on Friday last week to get some insider info for all y’all. The main stage primary aspects were delivered Friday, and assembly would soon be in motion. Organization of parking and production camping is well under way, in preparation for the race against time…


New this year at Bass Coast: The brand-new-never-before-seen SPORTS DAY for those enthusiastic someones who went ahead and sold out the festival’s early-entry tickets!!

There is limited music programming on Thursday, but Bass Coast won’t leave you hanging! To make that exclusive first day super special, they’ve organized activities to keep you occupied and having fun while you get to know your neighbours.


Thursdays features:

“A HIKE WITH ROBBIE SLADE”, which is *drum role please!*… a hike with Robbie Slade (Humans/Sabota)!! Hike up the hoodoo hillside to the lone tree with your very own tour-guide. Please remember to bring your camera, hiking poles, peace signs, winkie faces, and selfie sticks for photos every step of the way like a proper tourist. You know it’s going to get weird.


CAPTURE THE FLAG. A summer camp fav. Always a good time, and a great way to engage with your new-found festival friends. Costumes encouraged.

ARM WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP, with a special elbow table built by Max Ulis (Sabota) who apparently watched Silvester Stalone’s ‘Over the Top’ on repeat for days in preparation. Get your swell on, folks, this is gonna be one helluva vein-popping, teeth-clenching opportunity to make your face as red as your neck on the road to instant Bass Coast stardom.

If you’re not the sports type, or you need to cool down between games,

Chill out at the WALK-IN DRIVE-IN THEATRE! Get cozy and cuddle up to take in ‘The Classics’,


…or take a load off at THE CANTINA while you listen to blue grass and blues mix tapes and later on to the sweet folk melodies of Merin Patinaud. Yes, The Cantina. This is NOT a beer garden. Think of it as a roof top patio experience, where you enjoy fantastic cocktails in even better company. When we spoke with Andrea, the tequila and gin were still infusing with secret herbal formulas for your distinguished sipping pleasure. Also carefully concocted: the perfect morning Caesar. The secret, I’m told, lies in the right garnish, and excellent salt.

These cocktails will be available all festival long, so no worries, Friday-arrivals, you’ll get yours. And this year, the Cantina will feature a full line up 10am-10pm every day so you can satisfy your thirst for sips and sounds at the same time, until sunset.



The new Bass Coast app allows you to personalize your schedule and choose your own adventure at the festival: download it now and make sure to highlight the following (we got a little insider look at what the music curator has highlighted as ‘unmissable’ on her daytimer):

All the Pacific Northwest artists… especially those of Lighta! Sound; Michael Red, Taal Mala, Self Evident, etc…

Machine Drum

Ivy Lab (and solo sets by Sabre and Stray)


Scratcha DVA

Roman Flugel


Reva Devito

Dancehall Dub at Slay Bay on Saturday

There, that’s a nice place to start 😉


We are getting very excited to see everyone dripping in gold at Bass Coast 2016, which might very well be literal if you’re not prepared for rain – so gear up, gold up, and get out there!


See you soon!

Words By: Brie-Big-Buttons  |  Photos By: Roco Newson


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