Betty & Kora’s Five Bass Coast Essentials For Ultimate Festing


PHOTOGRAPHY: Roco Newson/ Kora/ Betty & Kora

We’re not sure where the first half of the year went. It felt like only yesterday the cold incessant drizzle of Vancouver’s long Winter had no end in sight and most of our time was spent hibernating and drinking copious amounts of boxed red wine to stay warm. Well, the box red wine consumption is year round but that’s neither here nor there. We are MOST EXCITED that festival season is now well and truly upon us and that means a bunch of wonderful things; minimal clothing, more boxed wine, pineapples on everything, the sun staying out until 10pm, and…. Bass Coast Festival 2016!

We’ve had the humbling pleasure of attending one of B.C’s most beloved boutique festivals the past couple years and there really is something magic about this festival of under 5,000. In it’s home of Merritt, B.C the festival runs from Friday, July 8th till Monday, July 11th and features an eclectic lineup of local and international artists that of course enjoy one common denominator: bass.

Whether it’s your first time or third time, we’ve made it our responsibility to best prepare you for the laughter, tears, misplaced items, dancing, and adventures that you are sure to have this year. Here are Betty & Kora’s Five Bass Coast Essentials For Ultimate Festing!


1. Accessories & Signage 

Where to even begin with this one? Studies have shown that you’re 10x more likely to enjoy a festival if you have a banana phone. Guess what – it also doubles as a snack! Are you the kind of person that has trouble talking after one too many cocktails? Don’t fret! Make a sign that will do all the talking for you. It’s important that all your friends know where the International Cat Show is. In recent years Team BK have become big fans of the hand puppets. If you see a rogue T-rex, Preying Mantis, Dolphin or Llama bopping around in the sea of people then you know where to find us. Other essentials include novelty cups: you can’t just mix a drink in any old flimsy thing anymore, make sure you get yourself a sturdy vessel for all your drinking needs. Volume is important to remember with this one cause you know almost errybody on the d-floor is going to want a sip.




2. A Festival Buddy

“Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.” We believe this statement whole-heartedly and every great festival benefits from also adopting this mindset. Even still, while you’re off galavanting making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, make sure you check in with the people you are camping with. Lobsters are forever and you don’t want any of your festival buddies to be thrown into the proverbial pot of boiling water over the weekend. Everyone should be responsible for their own partying and avoid getting so messed up that they can’t even wipe their own butt. Even still pick a pal and do regular check ins with them to make sure they’re fed, watered and have taken a nap. Also, make sure your festival buddy is willing to do the same for you! Plus festival buddies aren’t just there to make sure you’re still breathing, they’re great dance-floor partners and almost always willing to laugh at your jokes and help you make a drink. Special shoutout to Kora for always making the best Roco-tini festival cocktails ever!



3. A “Zero Tolerance For Bad Times” Attitude 

The vast majority of festival attendees are going to escape the monotony of everyday life. To get away from the deadlines, bills, Steve from Sales who keeps accusing you of eating his lunch. Don’t be a festival Steve! Bass Coast is all about like-minded people coming together for a good time in this beautiful country of ours and dancing like cray cray to amazing music. That means a strict ZERO tolerance for bad times policy and a commitment from you to bring only your best attitude. You reap what you sow and that goes for smiles, hugs, open-mindedness and non-judgement. Pump up everyone else’s good time by showing people that you’re here for the right reasons and ready to party with a shit-eating grin. If you feel yourself snapping, you probably need a nap so go and do that #selfcare101.




4. A “Best Plan Is No Plan” Plan 

“A best plan is no plan, plan?” I hear you ask. That’s a lot of planning for one sentence. Anything can happen when you’re at a music festival. One minute you’re lazing around on your inflatable donut, the next minute you meet a cool bunch of people at the river who offer to make you jambalaya at their sophisticated camp kitchen, or you’re walking to see your favourite DJ play at Slay Bay but you run into your OTHER favourite DJ and they invite you for a cocktail in a secret treehouse that has a strict banana costume only dress-code. The opportunities for adventure are endless, and with that in mind it’s always best to play things fast and loose, but to have a schedule hanging around at all times. Bass Coast has some pretty great offerings other than music and it would be a shame to miss out! Make a point of checking the schedule every morning (conveniently in app form) to see what is happening that day and plan only to walk in that general direction and see what happens. You might get swept away on some other amazing journey, or you may actually end up twerking at the Twerkshop or attending a “Matcha Tea 101” class. Both scenarios are great!



5. Festy Outfit Selection

The beautiful thing about festivals is you can dress up as much or as little as you choose. Let your freak flag fly or keep the freak in a t-shirt and shorts, it’s all about how you want to express yourself! For those who do enjoy diving into the tickle trunk here are a few rules when selecting the best outfits for your weekend:

Rule 1- Animal prints are your friend: I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who didn’t look good in leopard print. Whether it be leggings, a bra, fur jacket or even shoes, you can’t go wrong with any item of clothing in a lovely shade of tiger or big cat of your choosing.

Rule 2- Find out the theme and work it: This year the theme for Bass Coast is “Gold.” You are welcome to interpret and manifest that in any which way you like. Gold hair, gold lips, gold bikini, drinking out of a gold chalice…. the world is your gold oyster. Crafting and getting creative with outfits can be half the fun and a good bonding experience for your camp. You still have a few days to nail out something gold-esque. Remember Pinterest is your friend when having a creative block.

Rule 3- Plan around all kinds of weather and layer up: While yes, you are attending a rave you must also remember that you’re camping in B.C and that you’re still exposed to the elements in all their glory. It’s going to be hot, so bring a fan, parasol umbrella, light shawl to drape over the minimal day clothing. These are also great accessories and by no means need to be boring or ugly. Leggings, woolly sweaters and of course fur jackets are essential for night time partying. Nothing says fabulous more than a furry jacket over a cropped tee with gold chains. Same rule applies for footwear; flip flop it up during the day and when chillin in the river, but make sure you bring dry warm socks and closed in shoes to stomp around in at night. Don’t forget an extra set of warm clothes to sleep in! It also looks like it might rain this year so a waterproof jacket and shoes are also worth packing.



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