Goldroom High Seas Boat Party In Pictures

Things were looking hairy the weekend of the Goldroom High Seas Boat Party in Vancouver on Saturday, June 11th. Ominous clouds threatened to open up and turn the festivities into a pool party. The weather Gods were with us that day however and as we left the Edgewater Casino at 3pm sharp the sun came out and lit the party up.

Downstairs Can I Live and Momantix got the sold out Abitibi warmed up for the afternoon’s shenanigans, easing everyone out of there hangover from the night before and into party mode for crowd favourite, Goldroom. Upstairs the view was breathtaking as the boat travelled around the bay area hitting all of Vancouver’s beaches and landmarks. Life Musik resident DJ, WMNSTUDIES was the perfect precursor for Goldroom who’s infamous uplifting summery sounds took over the entire boat.

Presented by Timbre Concerts, Life Musik, and Siesta: this was the Goldroom High Seas Boat Party in pictures. All images Lucas David Morgan.

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