Life Before Work YachtLife Croatia Party Bucket List

WORDSKalisi ❤ #StayGenuine

PHOTOGRAPHY: Life Before Work & Xavier Walker

The words “travel” and “party” often go hand in hand, and this summer I am lucky enough to embark on a one-week yacht tour of Croatia hosted by the amazing folks over at Life Before Work. These beautiful humans have been opening up people’s eyes to another way of life for the past eight years and I can’t wait to put on their rose coloured glasses. LBW urges people to discover a life that is not just built around accumulating stuff then working to pay off the debt, but instead to initiate relationships with strangers, enjoy what life has to offer, and explore while embracing their wild nature. Eric Elder, of Life Before Work, states “I believe if you open up people’s minds about this type of life they will create self-happiness. And when people do things they are passionate about, they will have a more positive impact on the world than they would doing jobs they don’t want to do”.  In hearing this I have challenged myself to embody this philosophy during my trip, and what better way to do this than to create my own personal Bucket List for a week-long episode of #KalisiSetsSail.



1. Watch the sunset and sunrise in the same night:

After reviewing the Life Before Work YachtLife Croatia Tour Itinerary I was dazzled by the amount of opportunities available for me to watch a beautiful sunset with my new pals and party until the wee hours of the morning. For example, Vis boasts an all-night party in the “legendary fortress” of Fort George. Or, perhaps I’ll have a hard time letting go of my new boating family and stay up all night on our last evening together in a private bay near Split for our Penguin Onesie Party.


2. Go skinny dipping for the first time:

Let’s be honest, this is something I should have done a long time ago and this will be my perfect chance to let loose and bare it all! Wednesday is our day at sea which could be the perfect time to share in new experiences with my crew, or perhaps things will get a little crazy after a night out at Club Boogie in Lumbarda.


Xavier Photography

3. Impart something Canadian to a non-Canadian shipmate:

If I can find Clamato Juice, you better believe I will be treating my fellow castaways to a delicious Canadian Caesar! However, here at Betty and Kora we are known for a few other things: Caturday and wine shots. So, I’m going to do my best to teach my new pals what it’s like to be a member of the Betty and Kora #BabeBrigade at Prvi Zal Beach during the White Party in Lumbarda. I’ll also make sure all those deserving are properly licensed for being cool.


4. Party in a Cave:

Cliffs, caves and waterfalls; I want to do it all and this Yacht tour  is going to give it to me! Two of the things that get my heart racing are adventure and dancing. So, I was ecstatic to read that we will be partying at Club Deep in Makarska. Additionally, after the ship has docked on it’s final day I will be venturing to Krka Waterfalls. This will be a relaxing way to end such an epic, non-stop voyage through the seas and give me a chance to splash around in nature’s bubblebath.  


5. Drive a scooter and get lost:

The most fun I’ve ever had is when I didn’t know what would happen next, and getting lost is the best way to do this. So, I plan to put myself in the driver’s seat of my own destination and venture around places like Hvar and Vis. According to the website, Hvar has a beautiful viewpoint I can hike to or explore the “plethora of things to see and do” in Vis. I’m sure I’ll  have my work cut out for me and I can’t wait to share snaps with you on my Instagram takeover of Betty and Kora as well as Life Before Work’s snapchat account. So stay tuned by following them for more details!

Want to join me and make sure I follow through? Enter code: KALISILUV at checkout for $50 off of tours less than 3 weeks or $100 off tours 3 weeks or more. This code is valid for any trip, such as Thailand, Brazil and Bali, not just for Yachtlife tours. For a list of options check out the Life Before Work Website. Want to get stoked with me? View some hot videos on their Life Before Work Youtube channel. Or, keep in touch over Facebook at the Life Before Work Facebook page and make sure to follow me and check back to see whether or not I was able to hit all 5 bucket list items on my twitter and instagram pages.

Is there anything I’m missing? What should I add to this list!? I look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions! I can’t wait to keep #SpreadingTheLuv on this #BKEurotrippin tour !!!

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