Terravita Take Down Calgary

#ThrowbackThursday: Terravita Take Down Calgary

WORDS: Kiddo


A large part of Terravita’s endless appeal draws from their continuous success within the ever-changing landscape of bass music. They attract a wide range of music listeners, exemplified perfectly tonight in this Calgary nightclub. The masses drawn to Marquee this May evening were from all walks of bass head love. The younger generations, representing in their short shorts and phat pants, Bolli hoods and fur boots, bringing with them their best painted bass faces and bubble guns; to the more mature crowds shrouded in black and camo, nodding their heads and drinking their beers in the back of the room, to watch and listen from afar.

Recently releasing ‘The Fallen EP,’ a hybrid of styles that push the envelope as well as retaining the low note annihilation that is promised in any Terravita track. In the midst of their tour of the same name, it is instantly evident that this is one of those rare groups that can not only adapt to each new trend, but succeed with the every opportunity to do so. In addition to their regular expertise in drum and bass, dubstep, and trap, the duo use many components in this new release that they don’t often utilize, making this an extremely exciting EP to pick up.


Currently/Fresh off of a XXXX tour, Terravita’s large fan base only continues grow as they become a household name for every Farmily. Few can keep growing in popularity on a landscape that morphs into a new sound trend every few years – from drum and bass to dubstep, with splashes of anything else that includes addicting low notes, yet Terravita continues to prove themselves to be one of the overpowering sounds of North American electronic music.

Opening the night and warming up the crowd were a slew of Supreme Hustle heroes, partnered into back to back sets, including long-time local favourites Slim Pickins and LA Rose. Throwing down with Taktics and XN3R respectively, their partnerships mirrored the demographic of the night: the OG’s and the younger talents that have held their hard-earned footholds over the years. After LA Rose and XN3R started the night, the energetic set of XL & Grawlix riveted us with remixes of classic tunes threaded throughout their set. Taktics infiltrated Slim’s usual reggae vibes with a more pounding energy using electro and trap beats while Slim Pickins shined through with his old school gangsta vibes and jungle tunes, the two of them bringing the masses forth to pack the dancefloor for the entrance of the artist of the night: Terravita.  


Immediately capturing the crowd with microphone heat, Jon overlaid the drilling bass notes with enthralling vocal talents throughout their two hour set. Pushing the crowd to a frenzy, the endless ear candy invaded everyone’s mind and brought those hanging in the back up to the front, and put face-aching smiles on the faces of those already holding on to the PK stacks. Not only is Terravita a story of both talent and success, but their every performance is riddled with happy memories for their fans, facilitated by their own smiles and intense focus on their performance. Enticing crowd participation with heavy remixes and fan favourites, their ability to command the crowd’s attention consistently delivers one bomb ass night.

Combining these gangster AF vocals with the grimiest trap beats worked the crowd up to every drop, each new peak only increasing in intensity as we moved through the night. Slower periods highlighted the female vocals of songs as they grew in energy, quickly gaining momentum with Jon’s rap, whipping the hype up through the crowd. Terravita played a variety of anthems from both their own work and those artists that promise to rock festivals all summer long, assaulting the audience with a playlist that gave every counterculture an  to shine: rock and metal, rap and hip hop, all interlaced by Jon with the bassiest beats that Chris could create, prescribing their bass medicine for the masses flooding the dancefloor, the stage, and even doubling up on their buddy’s shoulders in the midst of the crowd.


The riveting draw of this pair of musicians comes from the depth of their reach into the most popular of new electronic changes. As each trend overcomes the continent, Terravita create their own advantages by keeping ahead of the curve. From the old school drum and bass warriors, through the evolution of dubstep, and finally resting in their current mastery of the trap undulations that dominate the festival and club circuits, this combination of DJ and MC, these two artists can unite the various generations of rave families.

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