An interVIEW with DiRTY RADiO

The triple threats that make up Vancouver’s DiRTY RADiO are without a doubt climbing the musical ranks on Canada’s “must watch list.” With hundreds of thousands of plays on platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify these three are destined to have a busy year, as they’ve secured a major festival circuit tour for summer 2016. Real talk: their music will make you feel like taking off most of your clothes and dumping a dirty gin martini on the person next to you. Do yourself a favour and make sure to catch their future, electro, RnB vibes tomorrow night (Friday, June 3rd) at the Imperial in Vancouver, with guests The Life Times, I M U R, and WMSTUDIES.


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Like many things in life, not all things go as planned. Kora and I rocked up to DiRTY RADiO’s studio in East Van, armed with verbal ammunition for our interview. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that sneaky mini fridge in their backroom took precedence, and instead of talking about some of their favourite haunts in VanCity we packed a few road pops for the night and cruised around our respective hood of East Vancouver. If you’re from these parts, you’ll recognize some obvious and not-so-obvious spaces that these three occupy often.


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Studio hangs!



Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Learning a new perspective…


Photo Cred: Lucas David Morgan

Break time…


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Change of scenery…


Photo cred:Lucas David Morgan

Walks and talks…


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Dundas Diner!


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

Just hanging around…


Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan



Photo cred: Lucas David Morgan

End    💕💕💕

Get your party pants on and join us tomorrow night for a party of epic proportions! More show deets below 💥💥💥

PS The BIGGEST thank you of them all to DiRTY RADiO and Lucas David Morgan  for taking the time!

❤ B and K

Timbre Concerts and Betty and Kora Present:
With Guests: The Life Times | I M U R | Savemeboots
Date: June 3rd, 2016 | Venue: Imperial Vancouver
Doors 8:00pm, Show 9:30pm

DiRTY RADiO Online:

Upcoming Timbre Concerts Schedule:

Timbre Concerts:

❤ ❤ ❤

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